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Our Forever Light


Since there is no such thing as real death
Just rest
From feeling
Not yet
With harm no longer being the issue
Rather, My Safety of Being from which All have ensued
With upset put to bed
Then, Now
My Children
Can Begin
To let
To allow
Uneasiness be
And instead, Beget
Again and again
Set Free
Of fret
By Being the Peace
This is no grand trick, Our Truth
No one need be the super-sleuth
Just to breathe
With what's always been intrinsically true
Joy already Received
Which can be shared of, yes
To this Holiness, I can wholly attest
But not lost nor found by manmade means
Which doesn't react adversely to "mean"
Rather is nice, in Light
Because it's Self-sufficiently powered by Life
So if once again, My Children
You feel as if slighted or not quite there
You need not continue to beware
Merely set your sights on Being more Aware
You'll see
Grievances will shake free
They never were there
Like foam on the tip of a wave on top of the sea
Like clouds floating past the day and the night as scenes
Deep and High
Your Depth and Height
Our Forever Light
Is undisturbed, unglanced
By glimpses of shadow dances fleetingly passing by

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Just beautiful Mike!

Just beautiful Mike!


There are no life or death decisions ~ All Is Life!

Keep 'breathing' and shining Brother!

luv ya!



Thanks, M...m 2

Thanks, M...m 2 :)