Opening Up

God said:

When your perception of the Eternal deepens and widens, the hold the surface life has on you shrinks. When you feel a shift in your relationship with daily life, it may be that your sense of Eternity is outshining daily life. You may be getting what you asked for, and it may take you a while to feel at home with it.

Of course, there is nothing to adjust to. Nothing needs to be adjusted. When your perception changes, you are simply seeing differently.

If you are an artist, a palette of colors is available to you. Whatever you paint, house, garden, cows, people, you use color. You can paint the exact same painting with different colors, and you find you have changed the whole painting. Blue is one color, and yellow is another, and a change of color changes the whole conception. This is what happens when your awareness grows.

In the so-called past, the foreground has taken precedence over the background. In your painting now, the background gains precedence. The background shows itself more and so is seen as more dynamic, more important than the scene planted on it. This is what is happening with you now.

As the background of life — of course, it is really the foreground — gains eminence, your Human life doesn't star the way it used to. We could say it re-assembles itself. We could say it re-configures. We could say the painting has turned itself upside-down. We could say a lot of things, but what has changed is your perception. That is no small thing.

Perhaps your daily life seems more pallid now. That may well signify that the Infinite is more vibrant. When there is a shift, there is a shift. And now you try to catch up to it.

You, who have craved change, are experiencing it.

As you grow, you leave some things behind you. What you once collected, you may no longer. What once thrilled you, may not. That which enlivened you may no longer. You used to be in the market for costume jewelry, and now you are in the market for the real thing. That is nothing to mourn.

If you enjoyed the glass, you can enjoy the real diamonds just as well.

What you are served will not matter so much as your being. Certainly, your being will matter more.

And so the background of life has become the foreground, and the former foreground has receded.

You may find that you are now less of a driver in life. What drove you before, no longer does. Control becomes a paltry thing. And so you gain Mastery.

As soon as you let go of control, your life is eased. You may not be used to experiencing the underlying ease of life. Of course, when you are the driver, you have to hold on. But when you relinquish the steering wheel, the whole ride is different.

No longer will you swim upstream.

You will let the waves pull you in the direction they will anyway.

To the depth you submerge in the ocean, you rise to the top.

Now you will become merciful to yourself and to others and to life. When you know your power and do not have to drive, you become more Godly.

You are rising out of a seashell. And now you open up. You open up to Everything.

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A different point of view

“When your perception changes, you are seeing differently.”

This seems to capture my experience of reading Heavenletters.

“You, who have craved change, are experiencing it.”

Would anyone, who is not craving change, be reading these letters?

“Control becomes a paltry thing, and so you gain mastery.”

We are freed from the need to have life appear to us the way we demand of it.....isn't this the ultimate freedom?