Open Your Eyes

God said:

Beloved, it isn’t just that you can expand your vision. It isn’t just that you can see differently from how you presently see. If you want your life to change, then change.

Unless your life is consistently as you pretty much want it to be, then it behooves you to change. Otherwise, you tend to cut yourself off from the life you desire. Get away from how you presently see. There is something in your landscape to change. You may have a blind spot. Turn the lights on.

You see this easily in others, yet you hang on to the idea that you are being cheated from the outside.

There is something in your thinking, despite how realistic you believe you are, that is shut down. You are glued to how you have always seen. Frankly, most of My children are sure that they have been denied from the outside. You don’t see what you don’t see.

One of the greatest mistakes – and virtually everyone carries this as the same error dressed in different array – is that you see yourself as the exception, as if you already see all there is to see, that you see the only right way to see in your circumstances. Of course, you cling to this because this is the way you have always seen. It’s easy to see how others may be off base. Others do not see the errors of their ways – but, no, not you! Yet not even you, as yet, notice your own dust bunnies.

See farther and wider than you presently see. Go at it. Wait no longer. Save yourself from resistance from that which will remove obstacles from your life if you would but see and dare to change.

Do not take this to mean that if only you will open your eyes, you are being promised instant success. You may well receive great beneficial change right off the bat, or you may not. I do not promise you startling success. Nor must you think you are owed all you desire.

Promise yourself to detach from what you are attached to. It is not so easy for you to put your long-held ideas aside. Your long-held ideas are not your backbone. They may be your downfall.

You will find new insights rising on your horizon. A new dawn will rise yet may not appear overnight. You have resisted for a long time.

You will expand. You will come closer to thinking anew. A new dawn will dawn. You can become the new cream of the crop. Life may seem to perform like a new miracle. One change in how you see, and your whole life is up-ended.

Surprise yourself. Allow the possibility of greater than you have heretofore allowed yourself. Leave room for more. What suddenly may you see right before your eyes?

Beloved, change your thinking, and your life will change. Your life doesn’t have to change all at once. Let more good news in. Be gracious to the Universe. Thank Me, God, for even small favors. You are going to see great changes in your life when you let change in.

Life is not all about what is thrown at your feet. You can also reach up for the stars in the sky.

Whatever you do, do not accept yourself in the role of a martyr. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Is this where you have been all along the way? Don’t do it. Think along the lines of what more you can allow in. Do it. Give more to yourself. Think more along the lines of what you want. Begin!