Oneness No Matter What

God said:

Beloved, here is a fine distinction: Nothing passes between us, One from the other, for We are One. A great deal passes through Our One Self, the way a breeze passes through the air.

In the first place, there is no separation to begin with. Separateness? Separateness is a surface view that you may believe certifiably happens to you as it’s cracked up to be. Can Oneness, True Oneness with God, something like Ascension, really consciously happen for you, and will it really be worth the long wait you expect it’s going to take? Can you sit out the longtime wanting, you wonder?

Okay, start thinking greater than you presently do. Grab onto other thoughts. Look at life the way I heartily recommend. Go for the mountain peak. What is the point in not going for the mountain peak? Or, what is the point in anticipating blessings in dribs and drabs and on a slow simmer? Starting now, anticipate what you really want. Go for it. Life doesn’t necessarily have to go along less than your heart's desires.

Life could, of course, come along in quick time and not let you down. The good thing is that, in going for what you deeply desire, you are supporting the life you desire. Bravo, Beloved, Bravo! Bravo! Compliments to you for your aiming high!

Why not bet on yourself? Why not have the the inclination that you have as good a chance as anyone else? Be upbeat!

In no uncertain terms, aim for the highest time and time again. Be like Winston Churchill and say: “Never never give up!”

Get the idea that I am betting on you and the possibility that you might come out on top! The idea is that you truly do deserve all you ask for. Why NOT?

By the same token, you can ease up on the pedal that you absolutely must win in the world. No matter how important whatever is happening may be to you, it’s not a life and death struggle you are embroiled in. Even if you believe so, I tell you that the idea of even losing your physical life is not the huge loss you believe except as you are convinced it is. Absolutely, your life is valuable, and it is major, yet, the idea that you can only be bereft without the physical's bluff and bluster isn't exactly how it is.

Listen to Me. Losing your life, your livelihood, your memory etc. are not at all the most you are made of. In no uncertain terms, I am not telling you to forfeit your life. Just don’t hang on to it so forcefully as if your present outer life on Earth is the sum and substance of you and is all that counts.

You are greater than your current life on Earth. You are not your work. You are not your body. You are not your legs, you are not even your mind. You ponder your present outer life. This is not the most significant role you play in your present life. You are greater than all of these.

You are truly more than anything you appear to be and perceive yourself to be on Earth. You cannot be one whit less than I say you are, for you are nothing but Infinite! You are One with Me.

Hurray! There is no one and nothing that can cut Our Oneness in two. Oneness is!

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Good perspective....

Thanks, Steve. What else

Thanks, Steve. What else would we expect from God but a good perspective, dear friend. I happen to think you have quite a perspective yourself in your writing. Very precious. I don't say that lightly., Steve.


yes, of course, God's perspective is always a good perspective....funny.

Thanx for comments.


Steve, you have an open

Steve, you have an open heart. Thank you!