Oneness Is Thy Name

God said:

Beloveds, I hear you cry out in all languages, or I hear you cry out from the depth of silence. You cry out from the depths of My Being within you:

"Beloved God, my beloved God, thank You, thank You for all Your Blessings to the World, for all blessings that have been even when I had no idea. I thank You for all Your Blessings that are to come, for All You have blessed the entire Creation with, including me. You are the One God. There is no other God than You. If there were a hundred-thousand Gods, you are the Living Lovingest God of All. There is no other God before You. Thank You for approaching me so that I might know You and what You Are and what You mean to the Universe and me. 

"God in the Highest, what is there for me to say but that I love, and that I love You with all my Heart and with all the sanctity of my Being which You have bestowed upon me and which I accept through Your sparkling within me. I discover You Who art my Creator.

"You tell me that I AM YOU. I don't quite get it, yet I cherish this thought that somehow, even when I am in a morass, You love and support me with an Awareness far greater than my personal awareness, yet which You are nevertheless bestowing upon me so that I may know You as my Self."

Now, My beloveds, I speak to you:

I am not greater than what you possess, greater only than what you accept through the Fullness of Your Illusory Being. It is moot, regardless, for you and I are One, and this Truth is Reliable and Realizable, and this Truth belongs to you in Sunlight and in Moonlight. This Truth is My Love shining on you. You are the Light of My Heart, for you stir My Heart. Accept that you are My Own, brewed by My Hand and Heart. You are My Designated Heart. I bestowed you upon the Universe in My Name as I bestowed every Being on Earth upon the Universe as My True Oneness. 

Dear Spirit of Mine, know My Love for you, for you are Mine. You ply your troth with Me. We are One Entwined Love. I am the Mother and Father of the Universe, and you are My Progeny. There is One Love on Earth, and it is My Love that stirs in your heart, your announced Heart of Mine. One Love means One Love, this seemingly multiple love which is no other but Mine and yours as One. 

You look for My love everywhere, forgetting that you not only possess All My Love, but yet that you are all the Love in My Heart, en masse in your heart which My Love revives as yours. Wake up, wake up. Arise.

Contained within you are the Oceans and the prairies and the Peace of All-Knowingness. 

Your speech is love. Your love is Mine. My Love is the Ore you discover as you mine the world and spread My love across the seas.

You are no longer a proponent of Time. You are not dependent upon time to surmount you back and forth. Time is like a pen that doesn’t write. Time is not the Master of You. Time runs out. 

Love directs the Universe, and Love directs you. Love pours through the Universe. There is no sieve to loving. Love originates as Pure Gold or Pure God. I -- at My Essence -- I perpetuate upon Earth in the Form of Thou, My singular Heartbeat, the Light you can only be as My Light shines on you and perpetuates you. Oneness is thy name. You know Me as God, and you know Me as Love, this Great Love upon Earth. Nowhere is My Love Greater than here upon Earth.

Somehow you thought that Love upon Earth was weak-kneed. Now know that Love upon Earth is the Summit of the World, and Love Reigns, and you are My Love on Earth now -- and Eternally. You are My Love. Hold your head high. Within you is Love. Understate Love no longer, for you have Love to give, and to give fully on My Behalf from the Infinite Reservoir of Love I handed to My Self as you.

Hallowed be you.

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dear Gloria, reading this

dear Gloria, reading this letter, I got quite dizzy, which is totally interesting. My head, not understanding and my heart understanding and the dizziness balancing out, so that the gap between is just a soft valley. So I am resting now in the valley between head and heart. and accepting there more of who I am.

On the other hand this state has also the effect, not being able for a while to function. Having many valleys in the day, my house-and-garden-keeping and other stuff is waiting. I ask my Godself, what is an answer to this, and I get an absolutely heartfull BIG Smile. ..... yes, and laughing, not-knowing, I greet you out of my valley Suzanne

What a splendid comment!

What a splendid comment! Thank you, Suzanne, and thank you, Victor, for sharing your deepest feelings with us.

Dear Suzanne, I can't wait so see your next picture illustrating a Heavenletter. Your artwork is just wonderful. I hope that more people will be able to see it.

Love and blessings

and Love Reigns

And ALL God's Children in unison, in one accord, shout "Amen".
Let LOVE shine Everywhere on our beloved Earth.
Let LOVE shine Everywhere from Every Heart.
Let Creation be filled with Our Creator's Love!
There is only LOVE. And more LOVE!