One Wholeness of Love

God said:

Your shining heart lights the Earth much like the sun. Your heart is a spinning round of love, a spinning centrifugal force of love. Rich ripe grapes from your heart are plucked and thrown across the Universe, and the grapes of love soar. The grapes are much sought after.

From where grapes come, the swallowers may not know, yet they eat the grapes and are nourished just the same.

You toss love from your heart, and the love you toss lands you know not where, and, yet, because of your anonymous love, there is no famine on the land.

Love is the necessary ingredient in everything. Without the essential ingredient of love, not one thing would grow or move or even stay still. Not even one weed would grow without love.

You may say you do not love weeds, and that they grow without your love. Listen, love is as much the life force of weeds as love is the life force of roses, just as much as love is the life force that you are. Love cognized you and every living thing on the planet, and everything on the planet is a living spinning thing. There is no inanimate. There is only love alive.

Even a stone is not a dead weight. It spins. It spins in joy. It heaves itself, a living breathing thing. It is the stuff that mountains are made of. The minerals hold your foot as you climb and boost you and hold you firm and salute your climb.

Love creates more love. There is no end to love, and, therefore, there is no end to life. It is said that life forms are converted and changed. No matter the details, the point is that love and life continue, and there is not one without the other.

There is an internal field of love and an outcropping. There is an eternal field of love on which the winds, which are themselves love, blow the leaves of love and spread them further.

There is a conspiracy of love on Earth, and you are part of it. We could say that love is a shape-shifter, or that you are love in many guises, and yet the eternal nature of love does not change, nor can love be kept locked up somewhere. Love will out. Love created the world, and love is taking over the world. You are overtaking love. You are admitting to your role in the world and putting on your cap or your beret.

You are unrolling a huge canvas, and you paint a picture of the world on it. You are the canvas. You are the painter. And you are the picture of the world that you paint. You paint with love. You are the love that paints.

You play so many roles, you slip in and out of them, and you don’t always know when you are playing or when you are not, when you are on land or sea, when you are yourself or someone else, or whether you are here at all, or where you have been, and what you were doing, or where you are now, and whom you have been with. You may be a game-maker, a costumer for love, a magician, a disappearing act, a troubleshooter or troublemaker.

You do not know if you are at all, for you and I are merged and cannot be pulled apart to be examined. We, the One of Us, cannot be taken apart to be dissected and identified. We, the One of Us, no longer distract Our One Self from the business of love We are about. We are Love, One Wholeness of Love Forevermore.

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You play so many roles, you

You play so many roles, you slip in and out of them, and you don’t always know when you are playing or when you are not, when you are on land or sea, when you are yourself or someone else, or whether you are here at all, or where you have been, and what you were doing, or where you are now, and whom you have been with.

Yes, we play so many roles, many unaware, or awareness comes when it is too late,when we have re-acted in the usual way, the usual pattern, even if we know it brings not love and happiness.
When we look at the world and at those Angels that seem to push our buttons in less than none, when we REALLY LOOK AND DROP OUR STORIES ABOUT THEM, we can meet reality maybe for the first time, and maybe we can share and shine divine love without any distinction, like the sun and the moon shining equally on all.

Loving you all so much


My dearest GOD I feel your love everywhere, I can not completely comprehend the Love in rocks etc. and that everything grows out of love but I only know and feel your love and Thank you God for that!! I also feel the love that was expressed in this letter and the love of my friends here Thank you all and keep shining that light Jack

Berit honey you sure shine my railings!

You make my troubles scurry away like frightened ants.


Berit says IT like it should be...

It must be nice to always be looking out from Gods porch! I love you


thank of all your engel you give to os

dear God heavenley father,
i want to thank all of this weeken,
it always wonderful everydays com to me
am ful injoyment to outher people am work for,
oh yes God reley you right am play so many rol today,
i dont even know wher iam, whem i come home
am reley my self agein and i beback home of God,
and i seid to my self how wonderful life
and nice to be alive, thank God and mother of earth for evrything
and thank all of this day and evneng
and thank all of your engel you give to os
to watch os,

Gloria shows us that "the plot thickens."

My mother loved to have dad and me plant a few rows of tomatoes so that in the Fall when we brought in a few bushels of tomatoes she's wash them, put them in a big pot and cook them and the jars and the lids and when everything was steaming she'd put the tomatoes in the jars, daddy would seal them and down to the basement they would go for a great winter meal. They were preserves. Love's like that.

Down out of sight of our consciousness are all the cans of stored memories, some of love that lift us high, some of shame the changes our name, some of fear that makes us afraid to try to be what we can be.

You don't know that you are throwing grapes and perhaps you are too busy changing babies or doing school work to even know what your throwing. Take the time to be quiet to listen to the Voice of the Gardener. He'll hold you close and tell you things you never dreamed. He's so wise.


You do pretty darn good, George

You know, George, you do pretty darn good even when your gyroscope is out of balance and wobbling and your elbow all banged up. We are so lucky to have these comments graced with your loving insights.


Chuck says words that make me feel better.

The people I live with hold me by the arm when I am with them. They know how strong these pills are and the chemo is, in its affect on my body.

My joy tells them that a few falls, like four or five, have me rolling on the floor in joy that nothing is broken and that I get up with joy and hope in my heart.

God knows when I fall and his knowledge of my pain body, and happy attitude probably has Him laughing too. I can just hear Him say: "There goes George again getting love, attention, some pity, but mostly just stroking, which George likes. Can i help it if people enjoy helping this frail old man? I eat it up. Love is addictive.

Loves many guises

We have often debated, in these forums, the meaning of the oft stated truth that all is illusion in the physical world. And often there seems to be an underlying worry that illusion is somehow a less than desirable thing, something we need to escape from or fix. Here we learn, though, if we didn’t already know, that everything solid is solidified love and everything moving is love in motion.

We should be re-assured. There isn’t anything that exists that is not, in its deepest nature, love. So, as George tells us by his experiences and his insights and his willingness to share, when an apple falls from a tree and bruises our head, we are bruised by love.

WOW! This Letter IS about Is and what IS is.

From now on I'll treat my elbow hurt as a bruise of love. I wish the damn tape didn't pull hair out when I change bandages. Do you suppose we could work on that as love too?


Some advice, George

George, from the sounds of your wounds, I have some bits of advice. Ask your pharmacist about tape for your bandages, there are several kinds that don't pull your hair out when you pull it back off. Make sure you are using a non-adherent gauze on the wound like "telfa" that won't pull the healing tissues off when you change dressings. Also, you might do well with a very light coating of "silvadene" cream on the gauze to prevent superficial infections for areas denuded of their usual skin (this requires a prescription, though, and there is no good over the counter substitute).

Sending healing vibes and wishing you a speedy recovery......Chuck

Dr. Chuck tells George about skin health and...

I'll go to morrow and get telfa. I use a good bit of triple antibiotic which keep the bandage from sticking but I can't be too careful about infection. I did show my elbow to our local pharmacist who recommended the triple antibiotic. It's so much fun watching God help my body learn the art of healing. He's so gentle in all his ways. You should see how he fixed up my heart when my darling ran off with Jesus. I call it Joy Bells ringing in my heart. Gloria is His very best helper in that realm


Chuck, what a marvelous

Chuck, what a marvelous response. "We are bruised by love." Oh, so beautiful.