One More Half Step

God said:

Welcome to the universe. I suggest you welcome it. Do not wait for it to welcome you. Be the first.

Never hesitate to the be the first in anything. You don't have to be the first, but know that you can be. When you have an impulse that opens your heart, do not look over your shoulder to see who else is coming with you.

Going first means that you don't look for approval from the eyes of anyone else. You don't wait to see how what you say or what you do will be thought of. Ahead of time, you cannot know. Those who might scorn your idea may later rise to endorse it. And, so, life is to be lived and not spent so much in thought and considerations.

You may consider all the angles, and may have missed some. Meanwhile, the tide has gone out, and you are still at the shore making your calculations.

Begin your life at this very moment. Throw back your shoulders, and set out to seek your fortune. Your fortune is your destiny. Straw, wood, or brick are not your destiny, but within the material of the world lies your fortune. Your fortune is what you are for. And so you set out to seek yourself within the illusion of the world.

Stand up for yourself. You are a cross-bow of the universe.

Setting out to seek your fortune is setting out on your adventure in life. Seek your fortune, and you will meet it. It is rushing headlong to you who looks for it. It cannot be otherwise.

No one else has your fortune. Only you. Therefore, you are the one who seeks it.

Many stones you will turn over that are not what you seek, and yet they are clues for you, and they are signals for you that you are making headway. Your destiny is right before you. It is out in the open, and you will see it. It will shout your name.

You find your destiny in increments. Many treasures build your fortune. Many signs point to you. There is not just one arrow to follow. One at a time, you go where they take you, and then you find where next to go.

You may desire that all your life be laid out in front of you like a board game that you can just skip along on to your destination. But life is as many-directioned as it is many-treasured.

You may well not know where you stand right now, or what you are standing on. What you can know is that you are somewhere. You are on the trail. And now you keep going.

You wend your way forward to where you began.

Wherever you are in life this moment, whether you can see them or not, the stars are above you and there is the Moon, lighted by the Sun. There is a lodestar you follow, and it will lead you. it will lead you directly to Me. We can say I await you. What I await is your notice of Me. I do not hide. You may not look.

You may think that you have further to go when, all the while, I am right here. It behooves you to know this: I am just around the corner. Have enthusiasm for your life as you set out on it, and you will find Me faster.

Your fortune is peeking at you. Come, one more half step, and you will be upon Me.