One Magnificence

God said:

What a lovely thing when you set yourself before Me, when you look up at Me, much the way a baby bird opens its beak, expectant of his mother’s giving him a juicy tidbit.

Your eyes look up, and you offer your heart to Me. “Come in,” your heart says, and your eyes echo the sentiment. Of course, I need no invitation. I need no invitation when I am already seated in your heart. Here I am, filling your heart with love, and you say, “Come in.” You talk with your heart full, beloveds.

When you have a party, and everyone is seated at your table, you don’t say, “Oh, please, come to my party.”

Rather, you say: “Thank you for coming to my party. I am glad you are here.”

And I, Guest that I am, say: “I am very happy to be here.”

Even as I am a Guest seated at your table, I am somehow also the Host. There is the sense in which I welcome Myself. I talk to Myself. It would seem that I play all the parts. I make-believe there are several disparate roles to play. You make-believe there are disparate parts. You recognize parts most easily and don’t yet quite see the Wholeness. I quietly see everything, all of it, all of you.

As I sit here in your heart, what must I do to gain your attention? I think I must continue saying: “Here I AM. This is where you will find Me. Right here, within you all this time.” I do not bang on the walls of your heart. That is not My style. Sometimes you do think I shake the rafters, but that is only your overreaction to something in life that rocked your boat. All the while, I sit quietly in your heart. I meditate here. My meditation is love. I radiate My love. There is no getting around it. You really do have to hear Me. You cannot forswear Me for long. Truly, it has been long enough.

I, of course, know neither long nor short, yet I come across in the terms you speak.

Your awareness is away from Me only for the blink of an eye. Stop blinking, and you will see what has always been.

There is no wilderness, beloveds. And there is no calling to Me in the wilderness. If you think so, it is only a game you have chosen to play. I am still, and yet you may chase after Me, or you may amazingly attempt to chase Me away.

I do not hover. I am staunchly within you. A tree of My love grows in your heart, a live tree whose branches reach the furthest star, a live tree whose branches entwine with all other seeming trees. There is an arbor from all hearts, and this arbor covers the world. All may climb it. All swing from it. This arbor is love woven like willow. Fresh air blows through the arbor. Beloveds, Our troth is made out of love woven, love entwined so intimately, love not hushed, but love quiet, love beating like a thrush’s heart, so tenderly, so magnificently – Our One heartbeat.

Just think of it, Our hearts beat as One, Our wonderful amazing beating Heart of Oneness quietly overtakes the world and introduces the world to itself. My heart rests in yours, and your heart rests in Mine, and yet there are not two hearts but One. Is it Mine or yours? Or is it One Magnificence of Love?

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4 heavenletter Haikus for

4 heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said here I AM
You really have to hear Me
Right here within you

God said Beloveds
Our troth is made out of love
And Our One heartbeat

God said mine or yours
There are not two hearts but One
My heart rests in yours

God said look at Me
And see what has always been
The wholeness of all

Love, Light and Aloha!

My God, reading this Love

My God, reading this Love Letter is an amazing emotion. Amazing the love, the intense love, the vibrations and energy that forth from this Heavenletter, wow !

Your awareness is away from Me only for the blink of an eye. Stop blinking, and you will see what has always been.

Sweet Gloria, I'm so glad that God did call you to this incredible adventure and I thank you for all you do !