One God, One Heart

God said:

It is not your place to change other people's thinking. It is not My Will that you convince others to your way of thinking. It is not My Will that you convince anyone of anything. This should be a great relief to you! Think of all the energy you will save.

Everyone is entitled to believe as they believe. What they believe, as contrary as it may be to your beliefs, may be right for them. Even when it comes to concerns about Me, leave others to Me. You who believe in "Thy Will be done", often intervene, often insert your views, often want to commandeer another's heart and mind, as if you are adequate to the task, and I am not! You are in charge of yourself. You have enough to do to inhabit your own mind and heart. What are you doing trying to take over another's?

Sometimes in your fervor to bring people to Me, you turn them away.

I gave free will. You must do the same.

Be careful about saying that God wants someone to do this and that, that this church is the right church and that one is not. Do you really think I would be so restrictive? Do you really think I need a particular church to bring Me out into the world? Your mission is to speak on My behalf, not to take words out of My mouth. Do not use Me for a crutch to support your views, no matter how noble.

Do not fight wars in My Name. Make peace in My Name.

Do not make arguments in My Name with your neighbor.

Do not interpret life for another. You would not want them to interpret yours for you. What do they know of your heart? What do you know of theirs?

Beloveds, there is One God and One Heart. Infinite are the roads you have before you. If you want there to be only one way, then let it be the way of love. With love, you can only allow others to take their own footsteps. They do not have to walk in yours.

Freedom. If "love" is too vague or vast a word for you, then substitute the word "freedom". Free My children. Abandon control. Control your own appetites, not someone else's. Withdraw your appetite to control others. You do not need to convince them you are right. In truth, much of the time, you are trying to convince yourself.

Unless someone asks you your opinion, it is better to keep silent. When someone asks you, their ears are open. Unless they ask you, their ears are closed. Unless someone has asked you for your thoughts, why should they listen to you? Who are you for them to be guided by? Let your life be amazing. Let people want to follow you. Let your life be so full of love that everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Do not admonish people to listen to you. Beloveds, no one has to listen to you.

Perhaps you speak best in silence.

Remember that you are not speaking to others' egos. This will slow you down. This will leave you with little to say.

You do not know the trolley of happiness another is to get on. You do not always know your own, yet you would pull others to go with you. When you try to convince others to make your same choices, perhaps you are stealing their freedom.

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4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Do not fight wars in My Name
Make peace in My Name

God said to listen
You are in charge of yourself
Leave others to Me

God said My Children
Control your own appetites
Not someone else's

God said let it be
Let your life be amazing
Be the way of love

Love, Light and Aloha!