Of All the Untruths on Earth

God said:

How beautiful is the God Who loves you! The only God in all of Creation loves you with all the love in the world and all the love in Heaven. I pour love upon you bounteously. Drenched in love are you. Soaked in love are you. Saturated with love, you are yet unsated. Surrounded by water, you seek a stream. Surrounded by beauty, you look for it. Are you really unaware of what you are immersed in?

Filled with love and beauty, you are yet forlorn, as if you could ever be alone. Think of it, I am always with you. Even a gemstone has My light. How could you be without?

I lead you to green pastures. I have led you. That is where you walk now. Soft is the step upon the green pasture. It makes no sound.

Have you thought you were in a crisp desert, lacking the moisture of love? Why, desert is an illusion like all the others. Aridity is impossible. You are seeped in My love. My love cannot run dry. My love runs through everything. It runs through you, and it stays with you. You cannot run out of love.

The physical is one thing. Truth is another. I speak from the level of Truth.

The sands of time are no more real than the dryness of sand. Both slip through your fingers.

Fish swim in water. They know what they swim in.

You swim in My love, and yet your throat is dry. Inundated in love, you try to clear your throat. What are you thinking? How far can you depart from the Truth, and why would you? It is a wayward sport that distances you from Truth.

Of all the untruths on earth, that We are apart, you and I, is the biggest of them all. Don't believe it. Don't be swayed by it. Do not forsake Me. Do not credit untruth over truth.

I am not running a campaign and trying to win you over to My side. I am not looking for votes. I am telling you that there are no sides. You are over here with Me. Right now you are.

You are swathed in My arms of love. You are carried in glory. You are seated upon a Golden Throne of Love, and you think you are lost and perhaps even miserable. You think joy is the exception, that plight and woe are the rule. Love stands out for you — once in a while. Unknowing that you bathe in the miracle of love, you think perhaps that love is not of the real world, only an aberration, not really vital, not nearly as vital as the things the world says are.

The miracle of love is more vital than anything. How could you have been so mistaken? How could you have gone off in so many tangents? How could you have raced off to catch some gilt when you are gold through and through? Tell Me, have you not valued the dross?

Today, when you step out of your door, know onto what you step. Love steps onto love. Cement is an illusion. Only love is not.

Any darkness in your heart has to be illusion. You think of dis-illusion as a disappointment, but get out of illusion and you will notice the love you are filled with. You will dance with joy for all the love that you are and breathe in and out, not thinking about it.

There is nothing else to revel in, only love. So, then, dive deep and splash.

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