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Number of views

The number indicating the views of the translations disappeared again from the Italian translations' page (I don't know about the other translation pages). As I said last time this happened, the number of how many times a translation has been viewed is important to me, because it gives me an idea of which kind of Heavenletters are of major interest. It also gives me an indication when there are only a few people reading them, so I can slow down a little.
Is it possible to have it back?


Dea Paula, I can not view

Dea Paula,

I can not view those numbers either. (F5 button did not help this time. ) ;)

Anyway there are only a couple of Turkish readers, so I can predict the number. :Criying:

Yet, as far as I saw - Italian readers are good at attending . :big

Its back Paula. One Love

Its back Paula.

One Love