Now You Are Awake

God said:

There is nothing for you to learn but to be Who you are and recognize yourself for the Fine Being you are. You can skip all the steps in between when you come to Self-Realization. Of course, this is knowing beyond the intellect. You could memorize Einstein's Theories, yet that does not mean you know them.

In knowing Who you are, you know in your bones, you know in your heart, you know in your life. This is not just a lovely thought I give to you.

You almost grasp it. There is a pool of light around you. You see it. You feel it. You are it.

No one has to point out to you where you stand. Crowds could point out the light shining around you, yet, unless you see it for yourself, you can only suppose. I am not speaking of an idea of Who you are. I am speaking of your full experience of Who you are.

It's a funny thing because when you do know, you don't have to know! You know it without thinking about it. It is like, sort of, going from a black and white movie to raging Technicolor. It is like, sort of, being in a backyard pool, and then recognizing that you are in the Ocean Deep. You are there. You are where you are. That's all there is to it.

It is like, sort of, being in your kitchen, and, then, the next thing you know, you are in your living-room or dining-room. You, the same, are somewhere else. Your eyes are the same, and yet you see differently. You have transported yourself into a different novel or into a non-fiction book that you can't put down. You don't know how the book got into your hands, and yet it did. Your hands are the same, yet the book you read is different. You have been transported, it seems, from one movie theater to another. You watch a different screen. You star in a different life. And you are still the same sort of person you used to be except you are in a different place so you are not the same as you used to be.

You look the same. You can pinch yourself the same. And yet you have entered a whole new way of being. Well, not really a whole new way of being, rather, a whole new way of seeing. Without an optometrist, you manifested a new pair of glasses. These are magic glasses. To see through them is like flying to Heaven in an instant. In an instant, the whole world is changed. The change is in your seeing. This is realization.

It is called Self-Realization, for no one does it for you. You come to it yourself. And yet it was always there.

Perhaps you have been wandering in a desert for forty days or forty years or forty lifetimes and there, right before you, is an oasis. No, not right before you. You are already there at the oasis. You are in the shade of it or the light of it. Your old way of life is behind you. You are sparkling new, as it were, yet at the same time, you are the same, only you are experiencing all the difference in the world. You can hardly recognize yourself or anything because all is bright and clear. In a painting, the world would be gilded.

A whole new horizon has opened up for you. It was always there. Only now you see it whereas before you didn't see it. You were sleeping, and now you are awake.

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magic glasses

Oh, how this makes me breathe. How it makes the sun shine, how it makes the coffee smell, how it makes the world arch its back into Your hand as cats do.

…when you do know, you don't have to know! HaHa, yes, when we do know, there is nothing to know. But is there anything worth knowing before we know? Of course there is. Wife, friends, cat, having lunch on a mountain peak. Perhaps the great truths of spiritual philosophy and of science?

How reasonable those are, how reasonable everybody tries to be each in his or her own way that may not look reasonable to others. How reasonable cause and effect look, how reasonable it seems to make all the right spiritual choices that ensure spiritual success, how deadly reasonable even the great spiritual teachings and texts old and new can be. Beyond a certain point, trying to be reasonable and make sense becomes first teachings and then cookbooks and then an iron maiden. Much better to be crazy. There is promise in being crazy. There is mobility instead of those arthritic joints of reasonableness – do this and you'll get that, and if it's not working out, know that you likely made this and this and this mistake. Oh, that prision of thinking the right thoughts, feeling the right emotions, making the right choices and doing the right things, all of it keeping me away from what I long for most.

Most of the time, even I am being too reasonable for my taste. Completely unreasonable is what I really want to be. And sometimes even Heavenletters are too reasonable for my taste, explaining steps and connections and contexts when (as they also occasionally state) in reality there is nothing to know, nothing at all. I love You most when You are crazy, dear God, as when you suggest I (sort of) find the ocean in my backyard pool. When You leave logic and reason behind, effortlessly hopping from novel to nonfiction book, that is when I feel the truth of Your words resound through all the lands of the soul.

Jochen, your words make me

Jochen, your words make me breath although at first they took my breath away :-))
much love to you dear

Jochen: Ha, ha, indeed! You think it's funny, do you?

Jochen's words have much humor but in a nifty revelation sort of way. I love what you say even when it unreasonably reasonable.


letting go

" Perhaps you have been wandering in a desert for forty days or forty years or forty lifetimes and there, right before you, is an oasis. No, not right before you. You are already there at the oasis."

You are already what you desire to be. So let go of all that gets in the way of being who you truly are. The ego mind is the thing where all that gets in the way, starts (as far as we need to understand it right now) and where it can be changed. You can do it in an instant and it can take lifetimes to realise it. But you can do it and you are the one to do it.

Letting go of thoughts that get in the way of being who you truly are, it really is that simple!

You, the same, are somewhere

You, the same, are somewhere else. Your eyes are the same, and yet you see differently.
In an instant, the whole world is changed. The change is in your seeing. This is realization.

... and so realization can only occur NOW, right now, this very instant, one holy instant.

What an amazing loving Love Letter to start the day !
New horizons and magic glasses to all !


Dear Maestro, Just reading this is an exciting event. The idea that we actually now possess a whole new way of seeing is truly
a thrill. You describe it as something magic, in that without an optometrist we now have a new and magical way of seeing everything.
We see anew, I suppose you could say. To see through these magical glasses is like flying to heaven in an instant!!!! WOW !!!
The whole world and everything has miraculously changed because we see anew!! You tell us "this is Self Realization!" Oh, MY


Do you suppose we can know who we are but wonder....?

Knowing who we are is one thing from ego and quite another from spirit.

Knowing what we are may take a long look down the rabbit hole and at time we can't run fast enough to stay right where we are. Quite often it isn't in Kansas any more. It's a good thing we have Heaven Letters or we couldn't even find the door.


The Alchemistry of Awakened Dream.

This Heavenletter is very, very special in the sense that God seems to talk directly to our Higher Self, bypassing voluntarily our straightforward, daily linear mind. He is talking directly to our ever realized Higher Self, stimulating at the same time our deep memory of what it is TO BE WHAT WE ARE. Furthermore, God is describing what it is to be what we are in our physical condition when we start realizing our divine nature.

God is not talking about an "out-of-the-body" experience or a "near-death" experience but about an actual, physical experimentation of Self-Realization.

"In knowing Who you are, you know in your bones, you know in your heart, you know in your life. This is not just a lovely thought I give to you."

Even more, He describes what we could call experiences of "ubiquity", which is unfortunately a very linear concept that we should replace easily with the concept of "quantum state". A quantum state is the potential of being anything, anywhere at any moment in a no space, no time "dimension". In fact it is not a dimension, it is more precisely an interdimensional state.

But, whatever the terms, God seems to refer to a state of consciousness that we can describe as between the daytime linear consciousness and the night time dream consciousness. Both day and night consciousness are cyclic and alternating states of consciousness in the dualistic mode. But between and above daytime and nightime consciousness, there is a state of consciousness that we call the "Awakened Dream". And this involves a complex chemistry implicating the pineal gland.

Of course, it is not necessary to have any special knowledge of the physiological, pharmalogical process, but we have to be aware that some physical, vibratory transformation must happen when we are passing from a linear grid of physical orientation to a spiral grid. Travelling on a spiral must be very different from travelling on our linear highways. We have to learn to live in a vortex space, where the steering wheel is not on the right hand side nor on the left hand side put exactly in the middle, like in the eye of a cyclone. Then we might have to experience a temporary state of vertigo, which I actually experimented before, while and after I read this Heavenletter.

Interesting, Normand. Since

Interesting, Normand. Since I have stopped following new developments in science, it's quite nice to have a short update every once in a while. Those new findings, or conclusions, seem to suggest a spiritualization of science, a slow and smooth blending of matter and spirit or of science and Heavenletters. I do not expect the latter to happen. I expect that some day we will notice that the what, the where and the when of what we believe is happening do not exist exept as ideas or pictures in consciousness – as do we and all the grids in china. Still, science seems to be the arena where we intend to make ourselves wonder, really wonder.

Yes Jochen, ideas or

Yes Jochen,
ideas or pictures in consciousness. That is God's Science, so it can be ours too. All comes from consciousness, including that nice cup of expresso before starting to read a Heavenletter.

A Teacher at heart is Normand

Your teaching is so clear and helpful! Thanks Normand


Dear George, it is really

Dear George,
it is really weird but everytime (which is once in a while) a Heavenletter triggers a very special type of message or teaching (which resonates in me in a very special way), I have to wait usually several hours even one day before writing down anything down. Then I start hesitating because I think that I might write things that I don't really clearly understand myself. But if I try to back up, this inner voice insists on me to write down and post. And it is a very nice feeling of liberation for me to execute this inner order. No matter if it really makes sense or not, or if it is really useful or not. I am far from being a scientist and I will never be. But I do believe in those ideas, pictures, invisible flashes that catch you suddenly and you have to follow them, or you make a conscious choice not to follow them. Following them might lead you to Creation. Thinking and analyzing them might lead you to science. I prefer, personally, to follow them rather than analyzing them.

Normand your words are hand made...

I recognize that some of your words come from your mind and a lot of them from a much higher, other worldly, Mind. You call it an inner voice. I call the voice I've hand since a child, and inner voice. I enjoy mind and love yours. Keep it coming. We need it.


Normand: Your words are hand made,

You dig so deep for your deep meaningful words. Keep em coming.


i am awake

every moment i awaken more... these letters inspire the very core of my being...
i have all the tools i need within!