Now, Will You Smile?

God said:

You know, sometimes, when life gets too much for you, it's okay for you to acknowledge this and give yourself a break. If you need a day off, you need a day off. You can't wait for someone to accommodate you. Accommodate yourself.

When you need a break, take a break.

There is nothing you have to prove. You don't have to prove you are Mighty Mouse!

Even when life is such that you must continue within the pressure you feel, then even as the situation stays the same, you can mentally put your feet up. You can withdraw from the stressful emotion you may be feeling. You can give yourself a break from tension. You can. I know you can.

You can stop thinking that you are under enormous pressure. If you were a teapot, you would take off your lid and let the steam get out. Imagine the steam coming out of you. It's simple for vapor to evaporate. Let the excess steam come out from your fingers, from your toes, from your ears, from your nose and from your mouth. Let the steam out. Relieve yourself of the pressure you have imposed upon yourself.

Life does not put you under pressure. You may want to argue with that. Life may put you in a difficult situation, yet it is you who puts yourself under pressure. It is you who decides that a certain prediction is too much for you to bear. Make a different decision. If some day you are going to laugh about this, laugh about it now. And if some day you are not going to laugh about this, still relieve yourself of the pressure. Know that the decision to feel pressured comes from inside you. It can never be imposed upon you.

Situations can be imposed upon you, yes. Pressure, no. You don't have to be stalwart, strong, and surmount anything, for you can always breathe out. Don't hold your breath, beloveds. Breathe.

When you feel overwhelmed by circumstance, underwhelm yourself. Undo overwhelmingness. It is a foreign object. It is something you picked up. If you can pick it up, you can also drop it. You can drop it now.

You can decide to be a simple person who doesn't build up steam. Breathe the steam out. Feel your fire calming down. Don't fan the fire. You have been fanning the fire by your thoughts. Now you think differently. Now you think calmly.

Now you don't think about all you have to do. Instead, think about all you are. You are My child, and I say you are beautiful. I say you are wondrous. I say you are the lightness of being. Take what I say as gospel, not the overburdening thoughts you have been tossing about in your mind.

Let go, beloveds, of stress and strain. Whatever the situation, you don't have to kowtow to stress and strain. You don't have to kowtow to disorder. Restore your heart to order. Restore your heart to peace. Be at peace. Whatever you consider insurmountable will move out of its own accord. It's moving out now. Don't hold on to it. If you are in distress, let distress go. Let yourself be in peace. Rest your heart awhile. Uplift it. Assuage it. Comfort it. Let the discomfort go.

Something good is happening. A habit of thought is leaving. Let it go. You don't need it. You never did. No matter how dire a situation may seem, you don't have to adopt it. You don't have to nurture it. Don't incur it. Let it go. I am speaking to you now, and I kiss you on your nose! Now, will you smile?

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How things are meant to be

After reading this heaven letter and the story of Glorias God writing...I feel as though there is a component not revealed to us as we enter this life...and I need to ask why...and yet it seems we are not to ask why?

Beloved Heather, you ask

Beloved Heather, you ask such good questions!

Of course you can ask why questions! The thing is they go round and round. We ask why, and there is another why question and we don't understand any better than we did before.

I agree wholeheartedly with you say about a component we don't remember.

More and more it feels to me that our lives are orchestrated. Somehow you are supposed to be in Saudi Arabia, and I in South Africa at this time.

If we could really fathom it all, we would know that everything is perfect!

God bless you, dear Heather.

I feel your Kiss on my nose...

Something good IS happening. And I am smiling.

Love to All,

Angela helps us feel the GOOD!

Angela, thanks for your love.


Yes, Angela does, beloved

Yes, Angela does, beloved George. And so do you!

Thank YOU, George.

I feel your goodness and your love. Smiling with you...

"Let go, beloveds, of stress and strain."

Oh, how much we would love to "let go of stress and strain." as we feel it from day to day living, that, at times, is filled with, stress and strains. It will help to read the Heaven Letters over and over until they reach into you consciousness and become a part of your "Present reality consciousness."


God loves humor!

It seems God also loves to make comedy. Today's heavenletter was started with a serous topic and in the end God says,"I am speaking to you now, and I kiss you on your nose! Now, will you smile?" I couldn't help smiling !!

Yes, beloved Chetan, you are

Yes, beloved Chetan, you are right! And God also is serious about our smiling!

Looooooove this one !!!!!

Looooooove this one !!!!!

Sweetest love to all :-))