Now in the Present

God said:

You may have been incubating for a while, and now it is time to move on. Today is here to move on in. Today is the time to get on your horse and ride off, NOW in the present, no longer sometime in the future.

No longer are you to wait for sometime, for sometime is now, this minute, right now, not in a minute, not later, not yet. No longer are you for one minute to dilly-dally. Get right on with it now, this minute. You have dilly-dallied enough. Strike the match now.

For all purposes, now, the starting bell rings. This isn’t rushing when you’ve been pondering this long. Take action. Do it or don’t. Ride on your horse today before your horse drags you behind it. Don’t store anything up for later, for later becomes a heavy load and drags you down. Don’t say you will do it. Do it. Leap to do it.

Either you get life into action, or you hold it back. There are not to be any long-blocked actions. Action is, or it is not. If you say you are going to bake a cake, do it in the moment of impulse. Get the ingredients together and stir them. Then you put the cake in the oven. You don’t debate baking the cake. You don’t debate about when to take the cake. The time is now. The time is now, that is, if you are truly meaning to bake the cake and have it in time for supper.

A new motto: A cake not baked is never eaten.

Be assured I am not telling you to be reckless. I am saying that if something is to be done, you are the one to do it, and the time is now. You know I am not telling you to race ahead. I am suggesting that you get down to it. You are not a fluffy cloud floating across the blue sky and take too much time before you begin.

Turn the oven on. And if the cake is to bake for twenty minutes, bake it twenty minutes, and stick a toothpick into the cake. If the toothpick comes out out neatly with no crumbs sticking to it, , take cake out the baked cake out of the oven to cool! You don’t cool the cake before you bake it. Get going.

There is good purpose in giving thought to what you are to do, yet enough thought is enough. You can think a thought to its demise. This is not to say you are a lazy bones. This is to say that sometimes you hang around too long and waste the daylight. Light the fire. A cake won’t bake until you turn on the oven.

Cake batter can’t jump into the cake pan on its own. The cake pan can’t pop into the oven without your giving it a hand-up.

Once the cake is baked, you mag have no delay in tasting the cake. Indeed, it’s a fact that you may be unable to wait an allotted ten minutes for the cake to cool before you taste it!

Whatever you are doing, get on your horse now. You don’t bake a cake longer than its allotted time unless you are forgetful. Don’t delay getting the cake in the oven. For Heaven’s sake, hop to it. Let nothing hang over you. Realize your intentions. If a deed is yours to do, do it.

Have no more delaying tactics up your sleeve. You have too many is what I am saying. Show, don’t tell. Show. It’s not okay to keep life at a stand-still. When the time comes, do the deed, then and there. All the reasons in the world are not meant to be excuses. If you tell yourself you are going to do something, then jolly well get up and do it. Yes, I’m speaking to you, Beloved..

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Dear God, I give you all my faith and all my trust in each eternal NOW moment. You have given me the gift of this day and I promise not to waste it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.