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Not the past nor the future...

Not the past nor the future, not yesterrday nor tomorrow, not the last moment nor the next...Subtracting all of these nothingnesses, we are left with the present, eternal moment now...that is all there is! What a splendid be relieved of all of these onerous "what if's, maybe's and could have beens" and the myriads of emotional attachments. Just to finally be left with this gem of a moment..gently nestled in my heart. This quiet, loving space...that's all there really needs to be...for that's all that truly is. What a divine relief!! And this I allow more and more...figures it all out...just love...that's all i am invited be receive that...and to give that.
What a great job...with infinite fringe benefits for all of us...for all of the One that we are! Blessings to all.

By Jim keller

Dearest Jim, how

Dearest Jim,

how beautifully expressed the very essence of life. what a great gift you have and a blessing you are for all of us. many thanks dearest Jim !