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Summary of the Essential Principles of the Science of Consci

Summary of the Essential Principles of the Science of Consciousness

1. Consciousness is the formless, invisible field of energy of infinite dimension and potentiality, the substrate of all existence, independent of time, space, or location, of which it is independent yet all inclusive and all present.

2. Because the field of consciousness encompasses all existence beyond all limitation, dimension, or time, it registers all events, no matter how seemingly miniscule, such as even a fleeting thought.

3. Because the registration of all events occurs outside of time and place, they are timelessly accessible due to the unique qualities inherent to the energy field of consciousness itself.

4. Consciousness is the irreducible substrate of the human capacity to know or experience, to perceive or witness, and it is the essence of the capacity for awareness itself.

5. The field of consciousness exists independently of mankind yet is included within it. It is the irreducible substrate, the Absolute, in comparison to which all that exists is relative.

6. Consciousness represents a field of infinite power and potential, out of which the manifest universe as Creation arises as a continuous, ongoing process.

7. The entire universe, both known and unknown, exists independently of human description and is essentially one unified, total field within which are variable levels of vibrational frequencies that appear as the observable universe. As in the physical domain, the higher the frequency of the vibrational energy, the greater the power.

8. The universal, all-encompassing vibrational field of energy is the descriptively omnipresent and is therefore omniscient and all-powerful (omnipotent). The presence of the field of consciousness is known by all sentient beings as the subjective awareness of existence itself. Thus, the awareness of the presence of consciousness as the substrate of existence is the primordial subjective reality underlying all possible human experience.

9. The levels of consciousness are identifiable by use of a simple quality of consciousness itself, and the omniscience of consciousness recognizes and responds to that which has existence and is true by virtue of the fact of that existence. Thus, consciousness, like a mirror, impersonally reflects actuality, which is unchanged and unaffected by that process. Consciousness, therefore, does not “do” anything, but, similar to gravity, it provides the context out of which potentiality actualizes from formless to form, from nonexperienced to experienced.

10. Comparable to the laws of the conservation of energy or conservation of matter, the law of the conservation of life prevails. Life itself is not capable of being destroyed but can only change form by shifting to a different frequency range (in human experience, the “etheric,” the “spiritual,” and other energy realms described throughout time).

11. Because all that exists represents a level of energy vibration, a scale of consciousness can be constructed that is internally consistent and of pragmatic value. A logarithmic scale of consciousness from 1 to 1,000, which starts at number “1” as the existence of life itself and continues to 1,000 (the highest level of consciousness ever reached by mankind), is sufficient to include all possible frequency ranges of human consciousness. Such a scale can be demonstrated to be highly informative and of great practical as well as theoretical value in understanding mankind, the question of divinity, and the universe.

12. Consciousness research is the only science available to mankind at the present time the enables investigation of the relative energy levels of both linear and nonlinear paradigms, their domains, and the realities that are beyond time, location, or dimension and that exist as both identifiable objective as well as subjective.

Truth vs Falsehood by David R. Hawkins


Dave, I need to read that ten more times, and maybe then I will still be unable to hold on to it.

Thank you so much.

Gloria, he is hard to read.

I'll tell you Gloria, Dr. Hawkins does not write for the layman. He is so hard to read. I can tell you this, he's old school, and old world. He's strikes one as a Conservative Republican, very pro-government. Like some of our old Vets from WWII. He doesn't care for the protestors and the liberals. He doesn't care for the media either. He's a love it or leave it kind of guy and he backs it up with very high intelligents and Applied Kinesiology. He's a hard liner to be sure. He even mentioned that we should not get in the way of organizations like the CIA and the FBI. We should let them do their job. He wasn't very happy with my generation (Hippies) either. He said my generation did allot of stearing in the wrong directions. I swear I'm listening to my Dad (an ex-marine who was in the South Pacific Theater). For a guy is talks about the problems of positionality, he sure takes allot of them in this book. But of course, it's all backed up by AK. So, it's all good.

I was talking to Dave Fishman and I said, "you know Dave, the Doctor is an ex-ACIM teacher and we ACIM people don't accept the Illusion, however, it appears that Hawkins is spent a great deal of research on detailing that very thing." Dave said, "I won't comment on that. You should attend our Hawkin's discussion group at our Paltalk site. The people there could answer your questions better than I."

Vribrational Excellence

I took a look
at Hawkins site
it looks like sci fi
to me.

I think it's beautiful
all the thoughts
he weaves for us
to see.

I don't believe
a minute
of it.

From the EX COOL writer. 8)

Afterthought if you think this is a cursory and vapid explanation, please explain yourself yourself. )


Dave and Margaret, my take on Dr. Hawkins seems to be different from yours! Of course, that's perfectly okay. I found him to be brilliant, of course, but also warm and caring.

Have you ever seen any of his videos? He is this happy laughing man with a great sense of humor.

In the personal correspondence I had with him, he was unfailingly generous, kind, and understanding.

By the way, Margaret, I loved your poem!

Hawkins Speaks

I went and saw Hawkins speak at a Unity Church in San Rafael and had a chance to personally speak with him. He's a wonderful man, and yes, brilliant. He was one of ACIM foremost teachers and they still meet with him once every 3 months on their PlayPal Chat Room, and they play his tapes every week.

As he spoke he laughed and laughed and the audience got the joke. They laughed along with him. He's constantly chuckling. A good sign. His wife told us it's all she can do to keep his feet on the ground. At home he loves to write and do woodworking. His wife said that if she didn't make him eat, he probably wouldn't.

When he first entered the room he began to shake hands with everyone and then for some reason he came up behind me (I was sitting at the time) and he placed his hand on my shoulder and stood there for about five minutes. I didn't turn and look at him and he didn't look at me. When he walked off I told Annette that he had passed his energy to me. Then I said, "wait, no, it's just a little gas, never mind."

On the drive over to the Unity Church Annette's husband, Hans, and I started laughing and we couldn't stop laughing histarically for a least 5 minutes or so. I almost had to pull the car over.

At the end of his talks I approached him and told him of my experiences and he looked at me with a vacuum-like gaze. I told him I'd never be happy until I feel that Infinite love and joy again, and he said, "then you'll never be happy until you feel that love and joy again." We both stood there silently for a minute and I walked away. What the hell was that all about, I thought. I couldn't help but laugh, because it wasn't about anything, it never is. It was a great day and he's a great man.