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Swifting from the old year in the new year

Dear my friends,

I want to thank everyone for the greate contribution to this Heavenletters Community Forum. Indeed, the apodosis my friend Santhan found for it a place for consciousness people are the right words to describe it.

Indeed, this forum has become a gem in the internet, a place, where people can come to and read and write and it is pur light emanating into the world, bringing earth closer to heaven.

A lot of wounderful people have joined the community and contributed to it. It's just like magic.

Anyhow, for new-year I want to forward a message from a plain, I like very much. I know this guys. Here we go:


Flowing with Your Heart of Hearts

Blessings one and all...

We greet you Dear Ones on the final day of your year 2005. The door is drawing to a close on this wonderful year full of change and reorganization. You stand with one foot in 2005 and one foot in 2006, so to speak. Many are feeling an accelerated feeling of anticipation and wonderment.

What will this New Year bring and what new manifestations do you wish to create?

We have already spoken of the energies of this new year, 2006, of the connection between Heaven and Earth. Some of you are somewhat confused as to what you really wish to create. You have a clear view of what you don't prefer in your lives, when it comes to what you really do want sometimes it is difficult to view that clearly. This is a common problem on your Earth due to the over all mass consciousness of negativity.

You are constantly presented with the negative aspects of things happening on your Earth plane and therefore become focused on them. This in turn creates a difficulty when you come to focusing on the positive things "you" wish to create in your life on Earth.

Dear ones, please re-member there is truly no positive or negative, except the polarity which has been created on your Earth plane. We speak to you in these terms only to give you some frame of reference in your lives on the Earth plane in terms which you can better relate to at this moment.

We would suggest to you that you can use the polarity of your plane to help you choose what it is you truly prefer. You will be able to make a distinction in your own life of what are your highest preferences if you spend a little of your time examining the things that you view as negative on your plane.

It is a bit "tricky" as you would say, because the things you prefer may not be the polar opposites of the negativity you perceive at this moment on your Earth plane in your current understanding.

What are we discussing? Dear ones, we will give you an example to clarify our discussion this day of your time.

Take the energy of "Hatred" for example. Many believe that the opposite of Love is Hate. Dear ones, this is not so for the energy of Love has no opposite. There is only Love.

The true definition of "Hatred" is "Fear". As a consequence if you are searching to create the opposite of "Hatred" in your life it is not a matter of finding Love, it is a matter of dispelling and ridding yourself of "Fear". In other words becoming "Fearless".

So you see Dear ones, using the polarities of your Earth plane can be very useful to you. You must ensure that you are aware of what the polarities of the conditions you prefer are first. This may at times be a bit difficult. If you filter everything through your Heart of Hearts the answers will become clear to you, as you already have every answer within you. The "Truth" of All That Is is already there within you and you have to go no further than your own Heart of Hearts to find it.

Re-member your Heart of Heart speaks to you only in Love and will never give you a message of fear or anger. If you feel Fear in your body, you are not hearing the voice of your Heart of Hearts, stop breathe deeply, calm your mind and go within again and receive the information from your one true source...Your Heart of Hearts.

When you feel that inner peace and unconditional Love of your own source, move with it and create what you truly prefer your life to be. Re-member you can only truly create for yourself, others may benefit from what you create, however, you can not create for others.

This is a most powerful time for each of you Dear Ones, you can choose to use it or not, as always it is your choice.

Re-member you are never alone we stand ready to assist you in anyway you choose. We spend you a constant stream of unconditional Love to help you make all your choices in the highest light possible.

We stand in awe and gratitude of the Masters of Earth and are so overjoyed that you have allowed us to be a part of your Journey on Earth.

We hold you in our Heart of Hearts and ask you to do the same for each other.

Blessings one and all...

The Guardians

Have a wonderful year 2006!

Much Love Joy and Peace