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my personal letter to God

From time to time I write a letter or note to God. If I am troubled, I will converse with him in the best way I know how, which is writing. I love to write & feel I can express quite well that way, although I am quite a talker ! We sometimes need to be in our thoughts, & you can be there & write, where talking has you focused there.
I do have several other letters I have written Him, but they are currently in storage. I will share them when I am able.
Here is the one I have with me:
[color=#9a00ff][color=#3600ff]Dear God,
I am keeping my faith in you & in love.I am thankful for all you have given to me & done for me. I am grateful for all I have. I am sorry for any wrongdoings. I am doing my bets to be the person I believe you wnat me to be.Please help me bring my children , my family, & my friends to know you & love you as I do. All the glory goes to you, Lord.