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HeavenlettersT, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.

HeavenlettersT, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN #1879 Celebrate Life December 27, 2005

God said:

Beloveds, every day is the start of a new year. Start celebrating each day as New Year's Day. Abscond from the hardships and heartaches of life. Celebrate life instead. Ring its bells.

Every day is a beginning, and there is no end. All is beginning. You are beginning. If you are ninety years old, you are beginning. Earth is a launching pad for you. Every day is a sea you sail on. Every day is meant to be an adventure.

Isn't it an adventure when you don't know for sure what will happen next? when you don't know what's around the corner and you yearn to find out? Doesn't life take the cake!

Can you imagine anything more wonderful than having life? You have a life to live, so live it. Live it to the hilt. Make this life an exciting overture to what is yet to come. Beyond this life are wonders to behold, and in this life, there are wonders to behold. Behold, you are alive. You have embarked on life.

If life is your drink, stir it.

If life is your meat, chew it.

If life is a pancake, flip it over.

If life is a jewel, hold it up to the sun.

Can you think of anything more stimulating than life? Can you think of anything more capable, more suitable, more endearing than life on Earth?
It is a precious thing, this life you have. It is cause for celebration.

Life is like making a salad. Toss everything in. Enjoy putting it together. Relish the lettuce. Relish the cucumber. Relish the tomato. Relish the oil. Relish the lemon. Relish the spices. Relish the tossing.

If life is a stewpot, put everything in. Let it heat up.

If life is popcorn, let it pop.

If life is a ballgame, hit the ball and run to first base.

If life is a football game, tackle it. Run after it and catch it. Get a hold of it.

If life is a parade, join in.

If life is a musical band, bang the cymbals.

If life is a present, open it.

If life is clay, mold it.

If life is the ocean, swim in it.

If life is the sun, bask in it.

If life is the moon, look up at it.

If life is the North Star, look to it. Bless it.

If life is a tree, climb it.

If life is a message, read it.

If life is an opera, sing it.

If life is a movie, move in it.

If life is a bed, rest in it.

If life is a pen, write with it.

If life is a crayon, draw with it.

If life is candy, take some.

What is it that life cannot be?

Make life your favorite pastime.

If you ever complain about life, stop yourself in your tracks. Let no complaint finish.

If you love life, love it.

Life is malleable, beloveds. It is like a string of licorice candy.
You can bend it. You can pull it.

Yes, consider life a cart you pull. Fill it with toys and jewels and all manner of things. As you fill life, you fulfill it. Fulfill your heart.
You have a heart of gold. Warm it up. Melt it once again, and never let it cool down, not even one more time. Above all, keep your heart open. Open it to Me.

Whatever traffic there is in your life, direct it, or go around it, or let it pass.

Life on Earth is for a short time. Make hay while the sun shines. It shines for you.

Copyright@ 12-27-05

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