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HEAVEN #1878 The Way to Heaven December 26, 2005

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HEAVEN #1878 The Way to Heaven December 26, 2005

God said:

Let a birthday celebration such as Christmas become a daily celebration. Let it extend the whole year so when Christmas Day comes around again, it is merely a continuation of the memorable day before. Let there be no bump in the year. Let it flow smoothly from love. What else should life flow from? What else makes sense?

Once appreciation for life overwhelms you, what else can you do but love? All you have to do is to accept the love in your heart once and for all, and not debate with it. Even if you have denied the love in your heart previously, love will stir from your heart now.

If you feel cramping in your heart, that is the hurting of love denied. When love flows from your heart, your heart will not have even a twinge of pain. Heartache is the heart's aching to let its love flow. The Human heart is a simple thing. It is not complex. It's just that the world complicates it. The world judges the heart's flow. Too often you have accepted the world's denial of the heart. Do not let the world denounce your heart. The world may be heartless, but not you, not you. I did not give the opportunity of birth to you so that you would freeze your heart or let it dry out.

Let your heart be the flag it is. Raise it high. Let it wave in the breeze. Why keep back your heart? Why prevent it from its natural expression? It would express itself. Who stops it if not you?

Clamp your heart no more. Tighten no strings around it. Untie them.
Cut your heart loose. Let it be a stallion who runs free on the plains of life.
our heart is not to be rounded up. Your heart is to be let loose.
It doesn't matter what everyone else does with their heart. It matters what you do.

You are the one who lassoes your heart and pulls the rope tight. No one can do that for you, yet it seems you allow others to do that to you.
Your heart is not meant to be a bouncing ball that anyone can take away from you. Let your heart vibrate.

Let that heart of yours come out into the sunshine of the world, and you will see how big it is. You were never meant to be small-hearted. You were never meant to close your heart. Somewhere along the line of life, you decided to close your heart. But to close your heart even a crack is too much. Let your heart open all the way to life. Let your heart expand. Let it beat its beat. Let not your heart have creaking hinges to be heard. Let the beat of your heart be heard instead.

Release your heart from bondage. Hold it prisoner no longer. Your heart is not a prisoner of love. It is a freedom fighter of love. You are not going to improve on your heart. Repressing it is not improvement. It is only repression. Since when did you come to value repression?

At what moment did you separate yourself from your heart? At what moment will you reconnect to it? Unburden your heart of whatever burdens you have chosen to anchor it to the ground. Let go of anchors and let your beautiful heart sail. Let it soar. Let it reach where it would reach. The way to Heaven is clear. It is through your heart. Your heart is a drum beat of love. Every other heart on Earth is also the sounding of a drum beat of love. Hear every heartbeat. Hear your own.

Beloveds, it is safe to love.

Copyright@ 12-26-05

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