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Posting appropriate to "Other Spiritual"

Dear Friends THis department is so happy to have your thoughts on how you have acquired spiritual gain, and how God has helped you. Please send us your thoughts and anecdotes. Have you read on the "Other Spiritual" department the story of William Thetford, ACIM co-scripter? It is the kind of story we love to read. We do not include announcements and promotions of other sites in this department, we love to hear your own insights and spiritual experiences.
Thank you, and we look forward to hearing your spiritual stories (not ghost stories -- that's for the Creative Writing Department at Hl.
lol lol )
With love,
Margaret, Moderator

Posting appropriate to "Other Spiritual"

Hi Margaret,

Sorry but all the writings I posted from other sites
was to share it with you all.I didnt intend to
promote those sites..Really!!!Like Adrachin
says all I Innocently wanted to do was
give the readers here a sort of a Buffet/
Variety of Writings,so that they may find something
useful in there,at this point in their life.

OK,so I cant post all those writings/Articles
in this place so Where else can I post these on the
Forum???Under what Topic??Pls let me know.

Have a Great Day.

Shahid. :D