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Dear Zena,
Thank you for joining this Heavenletters Community Forum and for expressing your heart here right away. It would be wonderful if everyone put themselves right out there, as you did, really announcing yourself. There is an ancient Vedic text that says: “Always be the first one to greet.” And so you did, and so you have so graciously welcomed us.  
Zena, be sure you go to the top of the forum where it says Forum Subscription. Click there and you will see a bunch of places to check. Check them all, I say! That way you will receive posts and responses to your posts right in your mail box. This is a wonderful feature that Adrachin, the administration, has enabled for us. This feature makes reading posts so easy, and then you Press Reply and answer as you would any email. And then your email magically appears on the forum itself and is also emailed to everyone else who has checked this feature.  
Zena, are you a subscriber to Heavenletters? You can subscribe from the website or email me. You may be a subscriber but I need your email address in order to check.
There are a couple of places on this forum that I would like to refer you to.
One is under Heavenletter comments, the thread entitled something like  Godwriting Teleconference, something like that.
I do not think that what I do (what God whispers in my ear) is channeling. Of course, in one sense we’re all channels of God. I forget who mentioned lately about being the hollow reed. And Krishna in the Bagahvad Gita said: “Be thou an instrument of the Lord, O Arjuna.” I am quite sure that Godwriting™ is not channeling.
Zena, it is God’s light that you respond to  in Heavenletters. Every reader multiplies that light. Something happens as we read God’s words. Don’t miss God’s introduction to Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One. The purpose of the Heavenletters is not on the level of information.
And that reminds me -- I have been attempting to write a book on How to Godwrite™. I do give Godwriting™ workshops where everyone learns. But as I work on the book more, How to Godwrite doesn’t feel right as a title to me. I know it’s a title that will draw people, but I also think it doesn’t do justice to what Godwriting™ is. The process is subtle and deep and doesn’t really belong in the category of how-to books, nor is Godwriting accomplished from a surface level. My experience in workshops is that God comes in and makes it happen. Every time. This emphasizes to me that the only way to God is God. I need to think of a more worthy title. Look for more of this under the Teleconference thread under Heavenletter Comments.
I am in correspondence with DavidPaul. And I know you are writing from your beautiful heart, Zena.
There is a Book Section in this forum especially for books!
I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we’re very careful in this forum not to appear as if we are promoting any product no matter how worthy. Not the purpose of this forum, and if one posts anything that seems advertisey, then everyone will do it, we’ll be inundated, and no one will want to come here!
Thank you for joining and posting, dear Zena. And thank you for sharing Heavenletters with your friends and sharing yourself so graciously with us here on the forum. You are twice blessed, and we are doubly too!
God bless you.   
With love,

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Wow! What a statement, "Your Heart Beats My Love."

I recently read an article about Heavenletters. The first thing I did was to visit your site. The next thing was to let my friends know. I'm happy to see that you're here and devoted to sharing God's message.

There was a time when I had no interest in "channeled" information. The messages didn't touch my heart. Until I accidently found a web site with messages channeled by the Holy Spirit. They were inspiring, uplifting, and helped me to better understand my place in the world, as welll as how to overcome the world.

I also used the messages to help me to understand the personality of the Holy Spirit. I paid close attention and begin to model myself after It. Like It, I feel that I became more loving and forgiving.

This wasn't the end. DavidPaul and Candance Doyle, the couple that channeled these messages later wrote a book. What a Gift. with their book, I could learn to give and recieve messages. What a blessing. This taught me the importance of staying in the Presence. I now feel that I haven't done much of anything if i don't do it with the Holy Spirit in as loving a way as possible.

Now, I have you. I'm twice blessed. It's hadr to explain how I feel. Except for to say that my heart beats with love for you, your messages, and Our Father, the source of your messages.

I will be using the information from Heaven and Earth posted here to meditate and contemplate. I like the idea of our hearts beating God's Love. I thought about it as I walked to the store yesterday. It seemed to bring me closer to anyone that I passed. I felt connected to the Universe and beyond. God's love has to be so much bigger than my heart. It can only serve to connect me to the Universe. Oneness. What a blessing.

"In the Journey That Never Was," by DavidPaul and Candance Doyle, I learned that we are in fact not here, but eternally wrapped in God's Love. In fact, after learning to give messages myself, after reading their book, I "channeled" this quote from the song Into The West from Lord of the Rings, "Safe in my arms you're only dreaming." That's it, we're safe with our Father eternally. After reading your Heavenletters, I can but realise this even more.

I am looking forward to reading your book, but I have to admit I'm really waiting for the next one. I wanna learn this myself. That way I'll have theirs and yours and be twice blessed.

Thanks for giving your time and allowing God to work through you.


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Your Heart Beats My Love

Thanks Gloria,

I apperciate your reply. You're right, what you do is not channeling. I only used that term for lack of a better word.=)

You're also right about me speaking from the heart. I've been training to listen and speak from the heart in Council for the past 3 years. Mother Mary said something once about how if we listen from the heart we can
hear Her and other Heavenly messengers better. Thank you for listening to me from your heart.

All of these loving messages are a big help. I've been practicing the message you sent yesterday, trying to be Love. By Jove, I do believe I'm getting it. I keep getting emotional though and wanting to cry.=)

I just noticed something about teleclasses. I'll be checking it out as soon as I finish this email. Thanks for mentioning it. I'll be passing the info on to my church too.

How to Godwrite: I agree. In my heart I felt there was a better title, but how to put your heart on paper? =) Never mind, you can do it.=)

DavidPaul: I emailed him as soon as I read about you. Now he loves you as much as I do.=)

Yes, I did sign up for something. I got one reply, but I'll take your advice and check everything. I have to admit though, I'm not real good with computers and find some of it frustrating, not to mention my grandson's tearing up the livingroom as I write. =)

I'm going in there in a minute and practice sending him love as i straighten up.=)
Love and Light,