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Why didn't I think of that before! I anticipate that Cubanito, who just joined the Yahoo Group, will be coming over here soon. Also Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author, If you haven't yet introduced yourself, please introduce yourself here.

To the Beautiful and Wonderful God's secretary

What can I say my beloved that hasn't been expressed by all. If not then I will continue to share with all just how beautiful and wonderful you are.
You are surrounded by God's Angels now and it is just a blessing to be a part of this new adventure.
I am truly blessed just for knowing you and I can not thank you enough for all the blessed letters you send me everyday.
Once again thank you and thanks everyone for creating a safe place to be.
Glad to be back in the fold. :wink: [/img]

new member

Hi Gloria and everyone. I am new and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sandy and I live in New Jersey in the USA. Thank you for inviting me and May God Bless you all.

Love Sandy :D


Welcome, you two beautiful ladies!

We're so glad you're here!

How did you find us?

Angel Dancer, is that a picture of you with the pencil? Are you a scribe as well?!

Thank you for all your generous words. Now, when your mailman delivers you a wonderful message, do you hug him!!! I think you thank the one who actually sent the message!

I know you do thank God.

Sandie 61, we have quite a few people from New Jersey. When we get the new mail-out program, we hope it will track that for us, and we can tell you exactly how many.

Thank you both so much for coming here. It feels wonderful to have you.
Looking forward to reading your posts!


Hi Gloria,
Thank you for the warm welcome. I am not sure how I found heavenletters. its been quite awhile since I joined and not sure where I heard of it from. Have a wonderful day :D

Hello...A Lady?

Well beloved I have been called a few things and sometimes my close friends call me a lady in a joking fashion.
I see that you don't know who I am and this is cute.
I'll give you a hint...I'm not
Sure I use to drees as one for shows and have fun but I am not a
Have a blessed day Gloria and beloved have a miracle life.
How's this.
Hugs from the heart :lol:

Another new person here!

I'm Gloria's daughter, and look forward to getting to know everyone here.



nice to meet you

and always take care of the car! Thanks for the funny blog story....

Much Love and Light



Hi everyone, My name is Laura and i just joined to day Don't know what to say, other than hi