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HEAVEN #1866 Riding the High Seas December 14, 2005

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HEAVEN #1866 Riding the High Seas December 14, 2005

God said:

Let the love in your heart somersault itself. Let the love in your heart be a tumbler that spills itself out. If your heart did not contract, it would spill itself out. You are restrictive about love because you see it as an investment that can go wrong. Divest yourself of love. It is time to let go of it. Keep it to yourself no longer.

Consider your heart as a leaky boat from which you bail out the love that fills it. To keep your heart afloat, you must constantly empty it of its stream of love. You just keep bailing out the love in your beautiful heart, letting lovely love flow in an ever-widening stream, letting it be its flowing self, returning it to the ocean from which it comes. It is more like you are returning a favor.

Love from your heart needs no object. Your love is not poured into various pails. It is simply poured and allowed to flow and to inevitably reach everywhere. Love does not require an object in order to exist.

An object such as a loving soul, as a beautiful one, may remind your love to flow. Your heart needs to be reminded only because you turned the fount off. You lowered the range of your love. You set a sensitive time for it to go off when certain bells would ring. You did this only because you contained your love. You assigned it conditions. Of itself, love needs none.
You held love back as with a paddle. Let your love spill over. Be a fool of love.

Actually, it is foolish not to recognize the love in your heart and to abstain from it. I put it there, beloveds. I put it there for you to use, to sample, to distribute, to give away at no cost. You are not meant to charge for love, require obligation or to ever stem its flow.

Let's face it, beloveds, you have mixed up attachment with love. You have confused the two. You have thought love was something to hold onto instead of to let go and let go and let go. You have mistakenly thought you were to restrict love, dress it up for company as it were, and to strike it down when a mistaken object did not extol it, or continue to extol it. You have set a price for love and so you have limited it. You have not yet discovered the love in your heart. You have not yet released it. You find reasons to withhold it.

Really, love is not your choice. If you choose to turn your heart on and off, you have assumed a function that is not rightfully yours. You have plugged your heart. You have stemmed its flow. You have played start and stop, stop and start. You have squeezed your heart shut, and considered yourself safe when, all the while, your heart is meant to flow without cease, to simply flow full-throttle open, churning and revolving itself, love happy, love playing, tossing itself high, not mattering where it lands, just tossing and landing again and again, streaming, covering the Earth with its own abundance.

Love is meant to be a captain on the high seas, an adventurer who simply keeps sailing, forging ahead, enjoying streaming through waves, embracing all tides, embracing, embracing all winds that blow, surging forward in splendor, riding the high seas, loving the sea and the sea air, loving all in its path, loving, loving, loving.

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