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HEAVEN #1865 Tribute to Love December 13, 2005

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HEAVEN #1865 Tribute to Love December 13, 2005

God said:

Love is an invisible thing. You really cannot hug it. You cannot keep it to you. Love is an endless stream. Love has no backwards and forwards, although you do play it in time.

Love exists everywhere, yet love is in your heart, and that's it.
There you are, love expressing itself, love exiting from your heart as more is pumped in. You cannot keep up with love. It comes faster and faster. It overtakes.

You remember a loved object, a cat or dog precious to you, a mother or father, a sister or brother, a husband or wife, but your love is far greater than your love for the beloved. Love is your beloved. Love spreads itself far and wide, love taller than the highest mountain and wider than the largest sea.

Love is an elusive dancer in that it will not be pinned down. But love itself is not elusive because it is falling everywhere, emanating everywhere, emanating from you, rollicking waves of love from you, love pouring like manna from Heaven. It is manna from Heaven, and manna from you.

Love encircles itself. You cannot hug love to you. It will not be held. It must flow. It cannot be stopped. Love doesn't stop anywhere. It falls everywhere. It encompasses itself, its endless flowing self. Love falls in folds. Ribbons of love keep winding and unwinding and furling and unfurling, love like wavy golden tresses that grow longer and never end, love like tears of gladness moistening the Earth, love pouring from pitchers like sweet milk, love like sun's ray touching everyone everywhere, love like baby's fingers reaching out and exploring, love like love original, love as it is, love overall, love tossing and turning, love swimming, floating, love this side up, love like sounds of laughter, love like bubbles blown, love without beginning and love without ending, love chasing itself and catching itself like breath. Love is full of breath, lasting, eternal, existing in this moment. It cannot escape you.

Yet love is not a song and dance. Love is the only reality on the face of the Earth or anywhere. Love is the exultation of life. Love is invisible, yet it is manifest. There is naught but love twining its fingers through its own hair.

The only energy in the world is love. Love is on a rampage. It cannot be contained. It must burst through. It must burst through you. Your heart is huge with love, and love and Truth pour out. Love is already out.
You can't get past it. It doesn't block your way. It opens your way. Your way is love. It is the only path there is.

All else is imagined. Any obstacle to love is imagined. You digress from love, but you can never really divert from it. The ground under you is love. Your feet are love. The sky is love. The clouds rain love. Love has claimed you. It originated you, and it has never let go of you. You cannot wash it off. You can't erase it. You cannot scuff it. You can only deny it.

You can never run out of love because love is all that the store of the universe stocks. One label has been printed, and it says Love. Like soup, it is packaged in different ways. Open the can, open a package, add water, stir, by whatever name it is known by, it is still soup. All the varieties are still soup. And love is love no matter what you think of it.
You can't make anything else of it. Love is love, and it is mightier than you think. The way you look at it, you must think it is not mighty at all.
Half the time you don't even recognize it.

And yet, you are My tribute to love. Love made itself an expression of love. You are the expression of My love, so, My beloveds, express it.

Copyright@ 12-13-05

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