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Yesterday I had asked Gloria if I could use some of the Haiku for my newsletter with a link back here to our community board.
Her response was to ask Karen then she suggested I come in and post to the members looking for poetry for my newsletter. I would still put a link back here to the Heaven Letters community board if this is ok with everyone.
I have been doing this newsletter and going into 12th issue and asking for a poem to honor a poet for a week.
It is a small newletter coverage but still a fun newsletter.
I have Heaven Letter section all on it's own but many more things also. One of them being poetry from those wishing more to see their work.
Now I am not here to plug my site but when I do come in I see so many wonderful poets and was just wondering if anyone would like there poetry read by more.
What I do is run it for the week in my newsletter then remove it and put it permantly on my web pages if this is ok with you.
One more thing I have been following Heaven Letters now for almost a year and even if you are not interested I am still a loyal fan of God's Special secretary.
I really don't know how to get you to submit with out plugging my web site and thats not what I want to do so I'll say this if your interested in submitting your poetry then contact Gloria and we'll arrange it somehow.
Thanks Gloria. It took this long for me to get the courage to come into your space and do this and thanks for giving me permission.
Always loving you with hugs from my heart.


dear angeldancer

for me this is ok!!!!!

I think we would not have posted it here if any poem should rest private
so if you are intersted in posting any thing that is written or posted
with my name polease feel free to do it

love to you and your "courage"

dancing with you wherever we dance
and your homepage link can be found under your profile so for me there
is no discussion point