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HEAVEN #1859 Enter Heaven December 7, 2005

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HEAVEN #1859 Enter Heaven December 7, 2005

God said:

Everything that grows reaches for Heaven. And you reach for Heaven.
You aspire to it.

Heaven is what you are to give rather than find. Even if you don't know where it is or how to get there, you can still give tickets to it. You can hand out tokens.

Every blessing you give, every kind act, is passage for someone to reach Heaven, and you will not be left behind. If you desire Heaven, and I know you do, I am telling you how to get here.

Lift someone to Heaven, and your arms inevitably reach. Surely there will be an angel here in Heaven to pull you all the way up.

It is not for you to ride on other people's shoulders. Your shoulders are meant to carry others. I tell this to everyone. It is no secret.

Who was as near to Heaven as Christ? And what was he doing but passing out tokens that would give entry to Heaven, not later, not someday, but now. Even a little of Heaven is Heaven, beloveds.

If you look down too much, you won't see Heaven. If you look at your self too much, you won't see it. If you look down, you are not looking up.
Above all, look up. Look up and you will be above all the mundane. You will ride the shoulders of love instead.

On Earth you have to mind your P and Q's and dot your I's, but for entry to Heaven, all you have to do, just as you are, no matter how tarnished you may see yourself, is to lift someone up, and find yourself in the front room of Heaven. And then you bring another heart up and another, as if you were a fisherman of hearts.

You hand out tokens to Heaven. You do not kidnap anyone to Heaven.
You do not take someone who is unwilling. You give tokens, and you let go, for although you are responsible to everyone for everything, their destiny is not up to you. You give the tokens. How they are used is not your call.

Christ did not herd cattle. He led men. And they wanted to go with him.

Not all followed, but that was not Christ's decision. All Christ had to do was lead. He did not have to count numbers. He had to do what he had to do, and that was to free people. He did not make them captive. He gave them choice, even though, in fact, there really is no choice. Inevitably, the One choice will be made.

You have been called. I have called you. You might as well surrender. There is nothing for you to do but pass out tokens of love, just that, nothing more. You do not assign numbers. There is no order. Tokens are thrown up into the air, and all are welcome.

All you are doing is joining in on a Great Parade. There is such a momentum, you are swept up. There is no waiting in line. There is instant approval. Your credit is good.

In fact, even without tokens, you can come in. Tokens are a metaphor, and you do not need metaphors to come in to Heaven. You could even come here not knowing where you were going or how you got here. My Will is strong, and My Will be done, and I will that you enter Heaven.

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