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HEAVEN #1858 The Greater Motivation December 6, 2005

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HEAVEN #1858 The Greater Motivation December 6, 2005

God said:

The Greater Motivation can never be to make money. That is like digging nothingness out of a hole that has already been dug. It is like eating from an empty plate.

You are entitled to make money. You need no excuses. Yet the motivation has a need to be greater than making money. The money has to be for something. The path to the wealth has to be for something. This is not a commandment I am giving you. This is affirming how it is and what, in the depths of your heart, you already know.

What is the deeper motivation? It may be to simply feed your family and yourself. Your love for your family supports you. From love, you can do more than you can do any other way.

You may work for money because you have something to give, and you want to give it. You may want to serve in whatever capacity is yours to serve. You are not serving ego.

Perhaps you shine shoes. Perhaps you plane wood beautifully. Perhaps you fix a wheel on a car. Perhaps you are creating something wonderful that the world has been waiting for. Perhaps there is something grander than the internet that is waiting for you to discover it. Somewhere down the line, the purpose is give some happiness somewhere even if it is to someone you never meet.

Fortunate is the man who has work to do and does it with a full heart. If you are the one who employs workers, it has to be for a higher purpose than to help you make money. Whatever product you sell, it has to be for more than making you money. Dedication to making money does not go far enough. Energy to make money alone can only go so far without taking its toll.

The idea of tithing is more than dropping 10% in the till. It is the idea of keeping your mind on a higher purpose. You are keeping your eye on two tennis players at once, the Earth and the sky. Each requires the other.
What is the Earth without the sky? What is the sky without the Earth to be above? What is the Earth without the sky to behold?

Your nose cannot always be to the grindstone. You must look up as well.

When you go to work today, even if it is the same old job and you are tired of it, give something extra to your work. If you do not love your employer and you do not love the product, and you do not love what you are doing, and you do not love being there, serve anyway. Surely there is more than meets the eye. Keep your eye on serving. Serve Me. Serve Me, beloveds.

Whatever menial thing you may be involved in, find the underlying service to Me that lies within it. And if it is not there, put it in.
Ultimately, all you do you do for Me. Give Me your best. If you are shining shoes, shine hearts as well. There is no service that is too small for you to do when you keep Me in mind.

Who would litter the street when they remembered this is God's Earth they're standing on? Who would be lazy or indifferent or callous or self-serving when they remembered they are on Earth to fulfill My Will? My Will is love. Fulfill it. In this moment, fulfill it. Fill your heart, and you have filled Mine. Fill your heart with joy, and you have filled Mine.
You simply have to have Me in mind. More attention on Me, less over-attentiveness on yourself. You know what I mean.

Copyright@ 12-6-05

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