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HEAVEN #1857 Imagine Again December 5, 2005

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HEAVEN #1857 Imagine Again December 5, 2005

God said:

Beloveds, I massage your heart with the balm of love. I remove cares from your heart. Your heart was meant for caring, not cares. Your heart is meant to be carefree in the sunshine. Unwrap your heart from all that has clung to it. Let your heart beat free.

Let your heart be a frolicking colt and not a cart-horse.

Surely your heart is meant to be free from all it has been carrying.
What are you carrying around, beloveds, but past burdens? Where do you think you are carrying them to? Are they to be stored? If stored, where? And for what purpose? No one wants this stagnant weight. They do not belong with you. They belong nowhere.

Do you agree that you have to let go of heaviness some time? Why not now? Why not make the decision now, right now.

Take off the braces that have been around your shoulders. Simply drop your baggage right where you are. Do not seek a better time or a better place. Seek to be free of the past that you carry. There is no good place to store old encumbrances. Right here, right now. Drop them off with Me. I will close them in My fist, and they will be gone.

Let Me relieve you of all your cares. I would not have you be troubled with them. Whatever your worries are, you do not have to have them.
You do not have to bear them. I ask you not to.

Take care of what is yours to take care of. I give you joy to care for. Nourish joy, not woe. Leave woe to its own devices. It will get tired soon enough. It will wander off somewhere. Woe is not your concern. It is not meant to be your focus.

Whatever the situation, no matter how dire in terms of the world, do not add worry to it. Do not worry your life away. Living in fear is not living. It is huddling.

Break away from the cares that bind. Unbind yourself from the shackles of the past. All fear is from the past although you project it to the future. You fear the future according to the past. Beloveds, stop looking back, and you won't fear the future.

Fear does not shelter you. Fear defeats you. Worry erodes you.

If you cannot be fearless, still you don't have to be fearful. I would have you be secure in the knowledge of My love. Snow may drift on Earth but My love is constant. Not cold, not fire, interferes with My love.
Nothing interferes with My love. Only you are more aware of other things that count for a lot less.

I offer you a cloak. It is yours to put on. Take it. This cloak is My love I offer you. Wherever you turn, there is a cloak of My love for you to put on. You never have to take it off. I give it to you for all time, meaning Eternity. I will never remove it from you. Only you can imagine that you don't have it. Your imagination is very powerful.

Your imagination is better than Mine, for I cannot imagine, not even for one millisecond, a world without My love. Yet you have imagined it. You have imagined sometimes that you live in a loveless world. Imagine again, beloveds. Imagine again.

Imagine a world lighted with love, fueled with love, a world with love riding everywhere, nowhere without love and love visible. Imagine the world marching to love. Imagine My light everywhere. Imagine no place without it. Imagine love leaping and alighting, love springing up everywhere, love alighting everywhere, love on top of love, love dancing with itself, love a twirling cape, love behind every bush and in front, love doing a flamenco dance that you clap to, love stamping its foot in a tango, love having its day, crescendos of love, love cascading, love teeming from hearts until love alone is known, for all along only love is.

Copyright@ 12-5-05

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