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HEAVEN #1856 Your Simple Heart December 4, 2005

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HEAVEN #1856 Your Simple Heart December 4, 2005

God said:

Beloveds, whither goeth thou today? Where does your mind wander to?What dusty road? What direction does the white steed of your heart wish to take? What is your heart hungry for today?

Does your heart want to ride the blue sky to the Sun, stop in Heaven on the way and stay when it gets here?

Where would your heart like to travel to today? Where would it like to take you?

Perhaps it would like to pasture in the fields of Earth, be slow-grazing, stay where it is, eat green grass and look up at the blue sky every now and then. Perhaps your heart is content right now. Perhaps it has discovered itself on Earth and is having a good time. Perhaps it loves this life on Earth, whether it is in pasture, corral, or beyond what the eye can see.

Yes, how do you, beloveds, reconcile being content and yet still madly craving the offerings of a Greater Horizon? Of course, you take the happiness that your heart finds in the field it grazes in. You let your heart digest what it finds on Earth. Your simple heart will raise you to new heights, inundatingly to new heights, to new rolling heights, one after the other, your heart chasing itself as it were, playing with itself, bouncing itself, charging itself, leaping over itself, burgeoning itself until it blooms like the sun in the sky, ray after ray of itself playing on whatever it alights on, laughing, as it were, with the discovery of its own rays, and moving on beyond the overlapping rays, shining itself on new territory, new territory even when it had passed over it before, new because the rays themselves outreach themselves every day, touch lightly, knowing that every place within the heart of the sun of itself is surging with the joy of being a yellow sun that shines on mankind.

Just so is your heart, a rising sun, rising and rising to catch a glimpse of itself, the merriness of God.

Somewhere flowers grow beside you. Somewhere hearts bloom wherever it is they find themselves. Your seeded heart can climb a bean stalk right up to Heaven. Is that not, in fact, what We are doing? Are We not climbing a vine that is rooted on Earth all the way to Heaven?

Certainly life is not what it seems to be. And what is it for, this tour on Earth, you have asked yourself. You have asked if you are here for a better job, to amass wealth, to get ahead of yourself, to love partially, just to get on with it, or just to get through it, and your answer is that
there is more. Sometimes others seem to be happier than you are. Sometimes others seem to grasp more meaning than you do, or to be satisfied with less than you are, and yet you do not know what will satisfy you, what will feed your heart so it is not so hungry and bewildered, so it does not feel stranded somewhere in midair, not knowing what direction it wants to go in, stomping its feet like a horse, snorting, wanting to gallop, but just not knowing where.

Let go of the reins, beloved, and take a chance that your heart will take off, and it will take off in an easterly direction, that it will find green pastures and take you there. Your heart will not roam forever. It will find its way. Your heart will carry you well. It is a white charger, and it is leaping now and taking you with it. I see you approaching now.

Copyright@ 12-4-05

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HEAVEN #1856 Your Simple Heart December 4, 2005

your heart is like a horse

you can let go of the reins and it knows the way home

it has horse sense

and we don't