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Gratitude and all ot that

Have a look here:

Some quote from the story of evolvment of the gratitude project:


And now, a personal message to you from Stacey Robyn, founder of GoGratitude and author of "42 days of knew views on Gratitude":

I am soooooooo excited you are here!

A power now lies within you, waiting for your recognition, your call, your direct attention to spring to life and deliver whatever your pure heart desires.

Coincidentally . . .

You've just embarked on a universally unique adventure, experimenting with intentionally
using the Master Key of Gratitude to unleash this source force within, giving life to your dreams, power to your passions, and prosperity to your pursuits!

Now, before we go further, allow me to give you a bit of insight on how Go Gratitude came to be.

This Spring, I took a 42 day retreat to clear my head, inspire my soul, and clarify my plans for pursuing a passionate life.

My retreat was a spur of the moment decision, so I sent a quick note to friends and family letting them know my plans for the next few weeks and that something "big! Big! BIG!" was coming. I remember feeling excited, wondering what 'big! Big! BIG!' really meant.

During these 6 weeks I daily dedicated time to honor my creative-ness, indulging in all sorts of artistic outlets such as drawing, painting, cloud gazing, and a whole lot of doodling.

Doodling? Well, yes. It's a favorite past time of mine. By releasing any expected outcome, I simply allow my creativity to freely flow . . . just me, the pen, and all possibility!

One evening, while musing on my doodles, I noted that many commonly recognized symbols were peeking through my orderly disorder.

And then, as if arranged by fate, I asked my Sweetheart, "What is the symbol for Gratitude?"

Think about it.

There's a symbol for the sun, the moon, love, peace . . . even a simple "swoosh" is recognizable world-wide.


Thankyou Adrachin!
So many messages are telling us now that Gratitude is the bridge that will take us to Heaven, gratitude for what we are and what we have, AND the gratitude for what we'll be and what is to come. God said this in some Heavenletters (can't remember which ones).
I went to the website you mention and I could immediately feel the fear grasping me. I've learned by now that it's my ego who's trying to keep a hold on me whenever there's something that can make me advance on my path.
So, I'm grateful to you Adrachin for mentioning this beautiful project.