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HEAVEN #1854 Harmony Extends December 2, 2005

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HEAVEN #1854 Harmony Extends December 2, 2005

God said:

My Presence is inescapable. I permeate every atom, every atom of you and every atom of everything. I am the wind that blows leaves at your feet.

I am the sun that warms you, and I am the snow. I am the white moon, and I am the twinkling stars, and I am you.

You do not make a move without Me. There is not a thought that doesn't spark from My energy. There is not a deed where I am not in the picture. Even where you are certain God is not, I AM.

What do you think Almighty God means? It wouldn't mean I am absent.
It wouldn't mean I am somewhere else.

I am present in the macadamia, and I am present in the peanut shell.
I am present in the wealthy, and I am present in the poor. I am undeniably present. If you ask, "Where is God," you are asking deeply where you yourself are. I will ask the same: Beloveds, where are you?

You are not on a precipice. You are not on the edge of the world.
You are not buried in debt. You are not on a shelf. You are not young nor old. Your body is wrapping, a divine wrapping, but a wrapping nevertheless. Your body is an enclosure, a crib so to speak. It is voiceless without you, just as you would be voiceless without Me. But, of course, you have never been voice less nor have you ever been without Me..

Where were you when I made the Earth and the planets and the multitude of stars? Where were you when I formed the waters and blew life into them? Where were you when the first atom burst forth? Where were you when I rested? This is not a reproach or accusation I make through veiled words. The answer is that you were right with Me, beloveds. You were exactly with Me. If I am never absent from you, how can you be absent from Me?

It is not that We shadow each other. We are One. We move and we pause together. Our harmony extends beyond Our steps. We are not conjoined.
We are One. I am One with you, and you are One with Me. There is no you, and there is no I separate from you. We are not One Who became two. Two-ness does not exist. Otherness does not exist. It is just that you have stepped outside yourself in a moment of reckless thought. You seem to have side-stepped yourself, but this is apparition. You will believe anything. If you believe that We are separate, then, indeed, you will believe anything.

Rather than "If I think, I am", it is: "If I think, God is."

Oneness cannot be separated. It cannot be cut in twain. My heart cannot be cut from yours, nor yours from Mine, even though there is no yours and no Mine. Yours and Mine is an as if.

Our love is not partitioned. Light is not portioned. From any angle, there is no logic in thinking that We - I - are something else. There certainly is no percentage in it. How can there be division when there is Oneness? How can there be disparity on Earth? Only because of this imagined division can there be. And, yet, you could not even imagine separation if I did not exist. If I did not exist, you would not exist to imagine.

You realize, I am having a conversation with Myself. I talk to Myself. I imagine this is what I would say to Myself if I thought I was less than I am as you have been thinking you are less than you are when you are in reality more.

Copyright@ 12-2-05

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