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Be the Embodiment of Love

Love Is the Highest Truth

Beloveds, know that when you yearn for the Light,you get it. How many of you focus,center yourself, and think of the Light? Your attention most of the time goes to other matters.The highest priority, however, is for you to experience the Higher Self.

The Light or Paramatma (the Supreme Self, the Absolute) is devotion, this selfless Love, pure Love for the Creator. Always remember, Love is the highest truth. Love is truth, and every single thing comes from Love. Through Love, freedom is experienced. Of course, I’m not just speaking of your Love for your offspring or partner. There is no virtue greater than Love. The universe comes from Love, the universe is sustained by Love, and the universe merges in Love. When you are devoted to this pure, divine, selfless Love in a practical way, you will be enlivened and aware that you are sustained by Love. You will live in it, eat in it, sleep in it, and work in it. The more you feel sustained by this devotional Love, the more you will yearn for it. Ultimately you will merge with this divine Love.

This power of Love will unveil the illusion of the worldly life and take you beyond the world of physicality to the world of supreme bliss, which has no birth and no death. This Love permeates the whole world, the whole universe. How many of you are aware of this power? An experience of life without faith and without Love is full of separateness, and thus, full of pain.

This devotion, this selfless Love or Godly Love, can achieve everything. With a devoted heart you will always receive divine Grace—divine Grace together with devotion. You will experience cosmic Love embraced in bliss, another aspect of pure Love. When I say Love is God, God is Love, I mean Love is a form of God. All forms are God in essence. How aware are you of this sacred Love? How do you use this Love? Know this power is right here for you, and if you choose to live in faith, this Love will be present and you will experience peace. When you experience peace, you will feel truth.

So be devoted. Give more Love, give more. Pour Love into every atom and be the embodiment of Love itself. Transmute so-called negative or dark emotions—doubt, anger, envy, greed, jealousy—if you choose, by embracing them with your Love, so pure, so bright, and so magnificent. This Love is in you. Go inward, because the outer world will never give this to you. You are then a “real” human being. Play with the Creator. The inner world is a playground and the Creator is waiting for you with Love.

Now ask yourself if Love is the undercurrent of all your actions. Self-inquiry is needed if you feel no satisfaction in your heart. When there is no feeling of Love in your prayers or meditation practice or when your japa (mantra repetition) is dry,1 it’s better to stop because the practice is not serving you. Still, yearn for this Love, and you can experience the beauty, the innocence, and the sweetness of this experience of life that you have been given.

When you emanate Love, you can walk into a room, and the hearts of all those in the room will melt. You do not have to do anything. When a heart melts and opens, the Shakti (spiritual energy) and Grace do their work, and then your every moment becomes effortless.

Therefore, let everything, let all, merge with that precious, unique, Godly Love. That Love will always uplift you and take you to joy, the joyous heart of a young child living fully in the “now.” Once you choose to live in that Love, deep transformations will occur.

How many of you are ready to develop this unique Love within? You may say, “I’m ready, Maa, I’m ready,” but I see a great deal of doubt, so be sincere with yourself. Are you ready, or is there still some fear? When you say, “I’m ready,” you must be ready, without fear and doubt, to be one with the infinite, the devotion, to be one with purity and sincerity.

Please, embrace all within you. Be ready and you will receive all. Some of you ask, “Will I see God one day?” To receive the vision, much Love is needed. God is right here in front of you, but because your eyes are veiled you cannot see. Divine Grace will grant you the vision, depending on your devotion.

Beloveds, fill your mind with the fragrance of pure devotional Love, and then your mind can emanate this purity of Love. Again, what effort are you making to live in this Love? Allow your Self (or consciousness) to be transformed by Love and let the music of Love melt your heart. Let Divinity fill your heart with Love.

A devoted one asked, “What does Sai Maa want?” Maa wants you to be resolved to live in Love and to embrace all your qualities with Love and to love all.

Love Transforms All Attachments

All of you must practice Love. All want to be loved, and this Love is Divinity. The miracle of the life principle originated from Divinity and it is bound to merge in Divinity. When you remember that the principle of Self is the same in everyone, then you will be humble.

Live in that humble, pure mind and move away from attachments. Love transforms all attachments. Allow the principle of Love to transmute all impurities, and realize humanity is sacred humanity. Then experience divine union and merge in and with God. The Light of Love can never be extinguished.

(Taken from Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi's site: )