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Movie List

The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Green Mile

Matrix (first one)

Being There

Forrest Gump

Its a Wonderful Life

Groundhog Day

Christmas Carol

Big Fish

You Don't Know Bleep

Little Buddha

American Beauty


Defending Your Life

Lost Horizon


In Truth vs Falsehood, the move "Big Blue" calibrates the highest. I've never heard of it

Big Blue

If I remember correctly, Big Blue (1988, french movie) is about a diver and "something" that happened to him during a deep dive competition.

Here is the link to my area movie theater, but it does not say that much.


Well, Dave, how do we find it?

Have you ever seen The Mighty? I thought it was a wonderful movie.

I loved The Legend of Bagger Vance too. It made a difference to know it was a rendition of the Gita.

What is there about a movie, a good one. Why do I love them so much!

Okay, now, do you ever watch TV? Anything you like?

Movie List by Dave

Hello Dave,
In going over your list I was stunned to see the movie "American Beauty" recommended. Just what message did this movie portray to you? I found it insulting to my intelligence. It was pure rubbish.
I would add to your list What Dreams May Come, Meet Joe Black, Contact and Solid Gold Cadillac. These movies had substance and a profound message.
This is what makes us unique....the fact we all see things differently. Joyful blessings, Claudette ^j^


I am always amazed at how one person loves a movie and another doesn't.

I believe there is something great to get from any movie. One movie I really liked was The Professional. Gosh, it had violence. It was about a hit man. BUT it had love. This hit man protected a 12-year old girl (Natalie Portman) who had witnessed the murder of her family. He gave his life for her. This was not a sentimental movie at all, but it was love. I've watched it several times.

I recommended it to a friend of mine, and she told me she watched about five minutes of it and wouldn't continue. She couldn't believe I had recommended it. We are simply dear friends with different tastes. I don't think we can say that my taste is superior or inferior to hers. Just different.

I remember about 30 years ago I saw a French movie with a girlfriend. Without going into the whole story, a very young teen-age girl and boy in serious straits through no fault of their own, stood outside a church where a priest was performing a marriage. During this overheard wedding, they exchanged vows. It was the best they could do. They were sweet and innocent. Of course, later the rich father of the boy virtually had him kidnapped and left the girl abandoned. I thought this boy and girl had been given incredible hardships, and they had overcome them. They were in hiding in a cabin in the woods somewhere with their beautiful baby. The boy had gotten work etc. I thought they were inspiration. They had courage and love.

Well, when my friend and I walked out of the movie, she said something like: "Wasn't that DISGUSTING." You would think we hadn't been in the same theatre.

I didn't love every movie Dave mentioned, though I did most of them.

I didn't love every movie you mentioned, Claudette!

Popeye loved spinach, and not everyone does. It doesn't mean anything but one likes it and another doesn't.

And so with movies.

I will mention a few other movies I've liked. Cold Mountain. (I read the book too.) The Cider House Rules. The Gods Must Be Crazy (a must see!).
Another one, I think it's called My Life As It Is, something like that. It takes place in Scotland. Colin Firth is in it.

God bless us all.

With love, Gloria

Movie List

Hi Gloria,

I was just reading your post and I was glad
when I read "Gods Must Be Crazy".That used
to be one of my fav movies.I had almost
forgotten abt them,until today.


As a huge fan of film-noir,

As a huge fan of film-noir, I'd recommend "It's a wonderful life" (1946) with James Stewart. God sends to a good man, who is now broke and suicidal, his guardian angel, Clarence who is trying to earn his wings.

Very moving and inspirational story. It makes you realize how important is your actions to the life of others. If it hasn't been for you, your life as much as their life would be void of love,light and beauty.

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your list.

I love different kinds of films. Here are a few of my favourites:

Mary Poppins
The Big Blue
The Terminator
Total Recall
The Matrix
The Abyss
Ferris Beuller's Day Off
Pretty in Pink
StarTrek (sci-fi series)
American Beauty
Forrest Gump
When Harry Met Sally
Life of Brian
Sleepless in Seattle
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Coming to America
There's Something about Mary
The Matrix
The Truman Show
Touching the Void
Jerry Maguire
The Wizard of Oz
The Breakfast Club

Films and television series I love inspire me to write articles.

Films are my inspiration.

Hope you continue to enjoy the joy of films.

With love,

Hi, Enocia! Great blog! Very

Hi, Enocia! Great blog! Very inspiring! You've put a lot of love and time in there... It's obvious in every detail! Namaste.

Now, about your movie list. I can't help smiling...It's like you are me! The Mayans were right when they said " In Lak'ech",meaning "I am another yourself". Apart from one or two that I still haven't watched (thanks for directing me what to pick) , our lists our identical! I would add some more though.

By the way, I love the "Life of Brian "! Great laugh!

Have you watched "The Secret"? Mike, a fellow Lightworker that I met here on the forum told me about it. Ground-breaking is labeled and I totally go along with it! Superlative movie!

Love from Athens,

Hi Maria, It's good to hear

Hi Maria,

It's good to hear we share similar taste in movies, Maria. Oooh, reminds me of another film I left out: "The Sound of Music." "How do we solve a problem like Maria" was one of the songs. :)

I believe all films have value; God is in all films. I'm sure if I had the time to sit and watch every single film that's ever been made I would find love and write about it. Alas, I tend to spend a lot of time watching StarTrek, Sex and the City, StarTrek, StarTrek and reality TV shows. Oh well, someone has to do it. :)

Yes, I've heard of "The Secret" and watched part of it. I've read the book it's based on. It certainly is ground-breaking. Anything that reminds people that they are LOVE has to be a good thing.

Cheers, darling.

EJ from London

"How do we solve a problem

"How do we solve a problem like Maria" :big :thumbup: I'd like to know how!! I've been trying for years...

I see you are huge a Star Trek fan! Beam me up, captain!
I'd add "The 5th element" in the list, the "Life of Plants", "The Human Body" ...and much more. All films have a value, I agree,but I can't find any value in splatter (well,that's a personal taste).

I love Sex and the City!!!!!!!! (I guess I would be your perfect match for the cinema) :big When the movie Sex and the City is coming out at last? I've been missing Samantha!



How to solve a problem like

How to solve a problem like Maria? Easy peasy. Just put her in a convent. :big

I haven't seen any of those films. I'm sure they're brilliant.

I still watch Sex and the City on cable, which are all repeats. In last night's episode the girls went to Las Vegas and lost all their money. Samantha split up from the guy she was in love with. Samantha in love? Shock horror! :Criying:

Hey, did you know Carrie's Mr Big's real name was John? You would have thought he'd have a romantic sounding name like...well can't think of one...but romantic sounding anyway. But John?!! Do me a favour!

Catch you later.
EJ :big

I knew that his name was

I knew that his name was John! The name was disclosed just before the last episode.Quite a let-down. I didn't like it either! Too brutal. I'd prefer Eric (Cartman) :big or David or Peter.



Look on the bright side,

Look on the bright side, Maria. At least if Carrie decides to dump him she could write him a Dear John letter. :big

Have you noticed the code for the first smiley is big? Mr Big is everywhere. :big

Love, EJ

You made me laugh!

You made me laugh! :big :big :big (Isn't there any samantha smiley?)

Love and Joy,


[[(Isn't there any samantha

[[(Isn't there any samantha smiley?)]]

Of course there is, Maria. Samantha's smiley is also "big." Get it? :big

No, I didn't get it! Can you

No, I didn't get it! Can you be more specific? :big :big

I love you, Enocia! You're such a "joyful Energy"!

Maria from Athens

Last night I caught the

Last night I caught the final scene of the film, Enter the Dragon, which reminded me that it's one of my favourite films. For me the final fight scene demonstrates how to shatter the illusions around us.

Bruce Lee has also been my inspiration.

I love films.

And I love you, Maria. :wub:

Hi, Enocia! I missed you! I

Hi, Enocia! I missed you!

I read your post above. Wow! You love films indeed and the special thing about you is that you find the spiritual message in all the films. Now tell me something, magnificent Enocia. I'm a fan of America's top-model, too. (I read somewhere that you like to watch it). Where exactly is the spiritual aspect in this programme we both watch? I mean, I like it too because people for me are the best "scenery" to admire and observe, but aside from that I can't find the deeper message. Can you? I'd love to have your insight...