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Messages From Finola

Hi all,

I wanted to notify everyone here of my new website, Messages From Finola, which contains channeled messages filled with encouragement and inspiration, from one of my own guides, Finola. I'm posting one of her messages below. Please consider joining if this message touches you, or if you'd like to read more of her work. I can always post more here if you'd like a bigger taste, so to speak. The site is:

Please enjoy her message, and we'd love to have you in the group. I know that one of our board members is on the group, so perhaps he'll share his impressions. Either way, please enjoy this message from Finola.

Love to All,

“God’s Promise”

Monday, November 14th, 2005

Channeled through Kim

My beloveds, it is an honor to speak to you today. I am sure that you recall our discussion yesterday on acts of courage? Today’s topic may also help
to alleviate some of your fears, and help you to find your own deep-seated center of courage.

Dearest souls, I know that many living on Earth at this time feel that they are friendless, unloved, unworthy and completely alone in a big unfriendly
world. Even those of you with loving families and friends around you, often feel depressed and frustrated, and as if no one understands you or accepts
you as the person that you are! My beloved ones, God’s promise, even as He / She shaped and formed you as singular, unique beings, was to love and accept
you always. How many times, even in the short duration of these messages, have I told you that each of you is God’s special and beloved Creation?? Therefore,
how can you possibly be anything but loved, and love?

If you have trouble remembering just how deeply God loves you, perhaps you may want to create a mantra of some sort to remind you of this consummate
and ever-abiding love. Or perhaps you may want to find a meditation or prayer that brings this deep-seated awareness into the forefront of your mind.
You may choose to attend a church or other spiritual or religious gathering. Or perhaps you may choose to take long walks in nature in order to feel
God’s eternal presence. However you choose to remember God’s love is perfect for you in this moment. Find your own path, my dearest ones.

Allow God’s love to manifest in each and every moment of your day. There are so many little miracles that spring up before you, like flowers upon your
path. Remember these as great signs of Creator’s love for His / Her Creation! These signs are everywhere… you need only look for them!

Dearest ones, remember to love others as God loves you. This is often so hard, and yet, it is so very necessary if there is ever to be peace in your
world. Love brings the greatest challenges, and also the greatest rewards. As the old song says, “Love makes the world go round.” Love with all of your
hearts and souls, as you yourselves are so deeply loved. Show love to each person you come in contact with. Acts as simple as a warm smile or a kind
word often show love as sincerely and deeply as any acts you could perform towards another human being. Love is the best medicine, the most soothing salve,
the most precious gift you could ever give another.

Remember, also, to love your Mother Earth, for she sustains and nurtures you each and every day. Remember to be grateful for these services, which she
so selflessly provides you, and to love and honor her always. She deserves your utmost respect, my dear ones.

All is love, including each of you, my beloveds. Make today a day in which you offer and share love with all around you. You are all the Divine Creations
of a loving God. Remember this always. I leave you with my eternal love.



Dear Kim,

Thank you for your beautiful sharing. God is love -- we seem to need to hear it a thousand times before it begins to sink in. I know I cannot hear it enough. I so appreciate the positivity of what comes through you

I will take a look at your group as soon as I finish writing here. And I will get back to you under Heavenletters comments about the How to Godwrite book that you are so generously encouraging me to write.

Thanks for your Oneness, Kim.

With love and blessings,


Messages From Finola

I am a subscriber to Finola's Messages and I
just love them.All her messages have a very soothing
and loving energy in them.

Thanks Kim and Gloria.