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I am posting an ad which appeared in SLOW DOWN... SMELLLTHE ROSES Ezine today.I had sent a HL promo email
to the editor last week and the next thing I know
he's put it up on his ezine.How Cool!!!

This Unique And Beneficial Email Is Provided Free-Of-Charge By The
Infinite Increase Institute - An Inner Awareness Divinity Awakening Center
On the Web at:
We Are The Proud Publishers of SLOW DOWN... SMELL THE ROSES....
Persistent Positive Praise Perfectly Presented By Pure And Positive Phrase

Happy Saturday SHAHID KHATAI --

Today is my birthday -- so, I'm especially
excited and enthusiastic today!

For now, all Saturday's here at the Institute
are dedicated to "Subscriber Creativity".

Do you have something you would like
to share or have published worldwide?

Send whatever you have to us via e-mail.

If what you send gets past our approval
committee, we'll happily publish it for you,
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You personally taking this initiative is not
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Sharing what is important to you will uplift
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Today, it is our pleasure to introduce you
to a very special subscriber. Her name is
Gloria Wendroff.

Gloria is the author of Heavenletters,
Love Letters from God, Book One,
winner of the Chelson Award for Inspiration.

Heavenletters are communications from God
which Gloria receives every morning, then
circulates around the world. In whatever
language Heavenletters are translated in,
God’s words stir what is already in everyone’s

Dr. Bernie Siegel, author and early pioneer in
the field of mind, body, spirit medicine, champions
Heavenletters and wrote the foreword to the

Gloria is now working on other books of
Heavenletters, including communications from
God on how to create relationships, how to
Godwrite™, and how to get beyond grieving.
She gives Godwriting™ workshops wherever
she is asked – all in the name of God – and
with the one desire to bring Earth closer to
Please take just a moment to go into
Gloria's site and take a look:

“There is a force of life so great it is called God.”

Heavenletters™ -- Helping Human Beings Come
Closer to God and Their Own Hearts
Gloria Wendroff, Overseer 641-472-4529
The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven Ministries
703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556
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you always

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