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Tuesday, August 30, 2005!

I think they are required to tell us all about it, don't you! What they're wearing and where they're going on their honeymoon! We all want to hear!

Love and blessings,



hello to all of you -

Gloria you posted the first message here in this part of the board.

and I feel it is one of the two of us who is requested to answer! and a woman may be that one that likes better talking about all these things !!!!

now as the weeding will start next week, here the first "informations":

there are no real bells ringing, we don't go to a church - we go to the civil registry office - this is the first step in Germany one/the two have to do. and then, if they want, they can go to church afterwards or time later.

Nearly all family will be with us:
my father( my mother has died 20 years ago, but she will watch and meet, too, I believe), my sister, my twindaughters and my twinsons
and Adrachin's parents, his sister with her husband, his godfather and then a friend of mine with his wife -and he takes the fotos you will see later on here!

so now: we are both dressed in white jeans and white t-shirt - we hope the weather will be sunny!!! otherwise there is a black leatherjacket and may be a black hat, too - so both the light and the darkness come together - because in the light there is the darkness and in the darkness there is the light (here! otherwhere there is only light!)

afterwards we go for lunch on a little lake in Munich and then all people "are allowed" to go their own way back where ever they need or want to go!

the two of us go for a seminar that is very interesting to us and this is for our honeymoon a little journey through south-germany.

and the next writing will tell you what happened there and then.

we both enjoy your interest and are happy to invite you all to be with us for the ceremony in your "dreams" - because local time here is 9:30 am - no with Shahid, there is afternoon!


Dear VeroniKA,

I love it! White shirt and jeans, your whole family there, including your two sets of twins, and your honeymoon at a seminar! It's perfect! And, yes, I'm looking forward to the photos!

Adrachin couldn't answer this because he's so busy doing wonderful things for Heavenletters!

Thank you for sharing your happiness with us all.

Love, Gloria

Wedding Wishes and more questions

VeroniKA - two sets of twins! And now a new pair of VeriniKA and Adrachin! Your many children are blessed to see a combining of hearts and souls such as they are sharing in celebration.

If you choose to share - and it not required - How did you meet? Have you always been seeking the same spiritual beliefs? When did you recognize each other to be your Special Significant Other? Was there an immediate attraction? Is there a romantic story about the engagement?

Of course many blessings of those across the miles will be sending as we think of the beginning of your new lives together.

~ Joie


Dear Joie,

What great questions you ask! I notice you ask about spiritual while I ask what they will be wearing!!!

I look forward to VeroniKA and Adrachin's answers to your good questions!


Just want to had my congratulation and Blessings to both the future newlywed.

Getting close to my First aniversary myself, and being surrounded by the pictures of our wedding day at home and on my desk at the office, I know this is a very special day for you!

Can't wait to see pictures (and as I mentionned to adrachin in regard to photo uploading here, I HAVE to get a web site up with all these kind of good picutre I have!)

BIG HUGS to both!


My Heartiest Congratulations to both
Adrachin and Veronika.

I pray you have a Terrific Wedding
and Eternal Love Bonding.

May the Angels of Love,Light and Joy
always be with you both.

Shahid. :lol:


it is the wedding day - it began nearly three hours ago - and instead of sleeping into "our day" we are awake, talking and reading all the messages - thanks to all of you!
it is so great to have met you all and to be able to be with you - and the bells ring! even if there is no churchwedding!
and the moon looks into our room
and the sun announced to shine the bright light from heaven
and the angels are with us
thanks for joining us
love verroniKA

the two "RR" were a mistake in writing but i like it and i will take it for future - it rolls and rolls...
from moment to moment...


I was scrolling through the new messages and saw that Veronika and Andrachin were actually online...
What are they doing here of all places...Today...??? Now???!!!

and then, Veronika, I read your posting.
and it made sense...
no more questions from this lady.

God Bless!

Now go to sleep... you've both a very busy day in store for you.