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This is from Lady Isis! I have never smoked, fortunately.

I began smoking at age 16 and after 35 years I was able to stop with no nicotine aids such as gum, pills or patches - you can do the same. The only requirement is that you believe in Angels - and in particular the Magnificent Archangel Michael. Let me tell you my story:

In 1987 while stationed in Germany, (my husband was in the U.S. Army), I began my awakening. I had began to channel and was told that in order to do this I had to stop smoking cigarettes, as well as a couple of other bad habits I had. Well, I tried to stop, and had the usual nerves on edge which manifested as impatience and short temper.

One night after reading late and before going to bed, I was sitting there reaching for my last cigarette of the night, as I did, I had this "inner nudge" - a hard one. Those of you who channel know what I mean. I said out loud, "O.K.! If you want me to stop smoking then take away the desire for these things!" I threw the pack down on the table next to me and went to bed.

The next morning, to my astonishment, I had no desire for a cigarette. Now those of you who smoke know this is the first thing you reach for when you get up in the morning.

I spoke with Archangel Michael and he told me this, "All you had to do was ask. I took away the desire. I will not however, take away the temptation. That is your part -- to resist the temptation."

I have not wanted to smoke since the night I asked for the desire to be taken away. Now, the habit of reaching for one while talking on the phone, or after eating, or during a stressful time in my life, as well as other habitual times we reach for that cigarette -- well that took a lot longer to release.

I have been asked by Archangel Michael to pass on this story of mine and to give you the promise - "Ask and ye shall receive!" He will take away the desire - not the temptation - that is your part.

So, if you really want to quit, then call upon His name and ask. It worked for me and for others who have tried - it WILL work for you too.

Love to you all!

Lady Isis


Dear Gloria,

What a simple and Beautiful story..How
simple it is really!!!But the temptation
part...I dont know abt that...Ha ha!!

Fortunately I dont smoke too.

Anyways,Hope this story helps all
people who are trying to give up
smoking here.

Love and Light,

It's how you do it that's important

It appears that tobacco smoking, when done unconsciously, spurred by force of habit, is the problem.

One can read so much on the chemicals that commercial tobacco contains. About the radiation the tobacco is passed through so that it does not rot. Why would one want to pay someone money to cause harm to their temple? Unconsciousness.

Struggling to quite smoking is a waste of time. Forget about the smoking. Focus on the habit that controls you. Focus on the moment. The habitual smoker puffs while talking, drinking, walking, driving etc. Completely forgetting about enjoying and savouring the taste of the tobacco.

A good practise would be to buy some very good quality tobacco that you can hand roll. Something organic and without radiation. As natural as possible. Now enjoy the preparation of your tobacco. Enjoy the smell of the the unlit tobacco. Enjoy rolling it. Look into the sky. Stare at the ocean. Savour the flavour as you light it with a match stick. Say thank you to mamma earth for her wonderful gift.

Even smoking tobacco can be done in dedication, devotion and LOVE.

I stopped smoking one day. Just decided to stop and I stopped. Now I may smoke tobacco once a month or 2 months, when the moment calls for it. I do not crave it. It just happens that the tobacco may be in my purse and the moment says "Hey some nice handrolled Paraguayan tobacco would be splendid right now"

The idea is to stop struggling. Not to fight bit to FLOW.


Dear Wun Luv,

You sure make some solid points. The unconsciousness of a habit.

How smoking can be done with grace. I think of the American Indian, and how tobacco was a holy thing.

And how smoking can be let go of with grace as well, as you suggest, and as you did.

Interestingly, David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., author of Power vs Force etc. (See Book Section, Dave's comments) says the same thing as you. I saw a video of his. It wasn't on smoking but on overeating, curing illness etc. And it was all on consciousness, not struggle.

The only thing is, it seems that your consciousness has to be at a certain point, for it to work!

I am going to tell you something that might surprise you! I said I never smoked. That's true, but I also forgot about something until now.

I used to have clients, people I helped find work for, did resumes and things like that. I had one client who was an afficianado of fine cigars. He had had a cigar store at one time. Anyway, he would bring over the most marvelously named cigars and we would sit outside on a bench and take turns smoking the same cigar. I LOVED it.

When we had finished working together, he left me a few choice cigars, but smoking them by myself wasn't the same. It never really was a habit, but I gave it up anyway!

Wun Luv, it is so nice to find postings from you here.

Blessings and love, Gloria