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meanings meaning meanings.

Hey man.
You know?
I thought it out.
I sat a while, relaxed; looked around.
To see what time would tell.

Relative illusions?

A world of realities.

Why does it always seem to me
I am the problem?
Am I self centered?

Why does the world always seem to me
to go around me, by myself?

When things go wrong out there,
I blame myself; no matter how rediculous.

When good things appear to happen,
nothing good ever happens to me.

The light in my soul may dim.
The life in my body may end.
The spirit in my mind can get snuffed out.

What would be left?

I hope someone writes me back.

I'm having fun.
But I'm just so alone.
I feel alone.

Locked in my head.
Thank God I'm not dead.

Enjoy and have fun, folk.
Love is, my loves.

Johnny Riccio