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An Idea for a Divine Product


I just found this New Site at

They have a Wealth Sample animation at:

Seeing this animation triggered the below
idea in me and I Just wanted to share this
with you all.

It would be wonderful if someone could make
an "Online" Animation of Gods,St Germain,Christ,Buddha
or Lord Shiva or Goddess Lakshmi pouring Continuosly Gold Coins,God's Light etc on a devotee.It would be wonderful
to see continuous Light pouring out and blessing the viewer.This would be wonderful to watch just before sleeping
or first thing in the morning.Oh God,Do I sound
too childish?Ha ha...

It would also be wonderful to have a
Software or CD where the person could
insert the CD and a Menu would come up

Then the person could click on 1 interested
category and would be taken to that topics
Personal Power God.Like if he clicks
wealth,next,an image of Goddess Lakshmi
would appear,with her chant in the background.
For Enlightment,It would be Lord Shiva
with chant Om Nama Shivaya,going on
in the background.

Then a empty Box would appear to type
in his name and Wish/Desire of the
viewer that would be sent directly
to the God(Lord Shiva)in front of
him.After the desire is sent, there
would be written affirmations
flashing from left to right,right to
left that your desire has been
accepted by Lord Shiva and be
ready to receive it joyfully.
We could show Lord shiva
smiling fully after receiving the
desire and raising the hand
and saying "GRANTED"!!

What do you think?
Would you buy such a CD?

Pls let me know your honest
feedback on this Idea.

Have a Great day.

Love and Joy,