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Life is a daring adventure--my manuscript is ready!

It has been in development still, and has expanded. It's coming to completion soon.


Dear Christine,

I would like to refer you to John Kremer's book marketing newsletter. You will get a lot of information about getting your book published. It really puts you in the mind set of the publisher you want to buy your book.

He has just added a new service where he will write a book proposal for you. It's out of our price range ($5,000) but I tell you just reading what he says he will do for you gives you a good idea of what your book proposal has to do. He sure does know how to market.

Good luck with it, dear Christine.

Love, Gloria

Life is a daring adventure--my manuscript is ready!

Am thankful for your input and have learned a lot. I have incorporated more of what I have learned into the book and it will be coming out sometime in 2007.


Dearest Christine,

Like it or not, In order to get the interest of an agent or publisher, we have to have a book proposal. The book can be all written. It doesn't matter. I did a book proposal for Heavenletters. The world calls me the author though we know very well I'm not.

It's sort of like a resume for an employer. You are doing the thinking for them. The employer has one question, and that is: What can you do for me?

So you write a cover letter and a resume that make it easy for the employer to say yes to you.

So a book proposal is like a resume of your book, and you make it easy for an agent or publisher to say "Yes, I will read your book." And later, "Yes, I will represent/publish you."

You have to promote your book in the language of the person you want to read it. You are telling them why people will want to buy it. Agents and publishers have to think in terms of $'s.

As I learned, dear Christine, no one is impressed that I say it is from God. They want to know why someone will buy it, not for our reasons, but for the end buyer's reasons.

Dr. Chopra used to live here, and was friends with my publisher. My publisher said that Chopra used to endorse books that my publisher asked him to until he wouldn't any more.

I can understand. Chopra is busy and must be bombarded. It's more manageable to say No across the board. An author might like to help people, but there is no way that he can spread himself thinner than he is.

I understand that many of the famous authors only endorse authors who are already known.

I had a very famous author say he would endorse the Heavenletters' book, and then later he was advised by his attorney not to endorse anyone. I couldn't understand, and it broke my heart.

Writing a book proposal was hard work. To get accepted by a publisher is not an easy thing. That's why a lot of people self-publish.

You'd think it would be easier to get a divine book published, but it doesn't seem to be.

If I had money, I'd have John Kremer write a proposal for a Heaven book.

And now I must get back to Heaven matters!

With love and blessings,


Life is a daring adventure--my manuscript is ready!

Yes, that's true. And something I wasn't willing to do (to write a book proposal), so I am taking a different route...