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Gautama Buddha

I have come to awake your consciousness from a long sleep
Gautama Buddha, March 23, 2005

I AM Gautama Buddha having come through this messenger again. The knowledge, which I came to give you today, relates to the time of my incarnation by prince Siddhartha. I had been in the forest for many days the count of which I lost. There were pouring deluges and heat. The night changed the day and then day came again. Everything became insignificant for me. I saw there was nothing in the world that interested me, attracted my attention.

I was sitting under the tree banyan in the position of meditation. My consciousness left me. And I went away into the other reality. Thinner reality, which became more real for me, than the forest where I left my physical body.

I went on sitting under the tree and at the same time I was in the other reality without time. I felt blissfulness and joy, and freedom. There aren't so strong feelings in this world as those I was having there, when I was in that reality.

I didn't want to come back to my body. Too many restrictions and too dark in that world where I left my body in comparison with the world where I was during my meditation.

I felt unity with the Divine whom I took for Atman. That was ecstasy of blissfulness, which can't be explained in any terrestrial language.

What made me come back to my body sitting in the position of meditation under the tree banyan, which I left in the forest?

I needed tell others about received experience, I found the place inside myself where pain and suffering weren't, where only blissfulness and quietness, endless Love were.

I could have stayed in this place and further. I had been looking for this place for many years and I found it. I consider my biggest achievement in that incarnation the fact that I could make me come back to the body. Compassion to those living creatures who remained on the Earth and who knew in their external consciousness nothing about the place where I was, made me do it. I came back to the body. Though the sun was shining and sultriness was being I felt coldness and dark around me.

I had difficult task: to tell people about the place where I've just been, to show them the Way, which I followed to find the place inside myself.

What a wonder I had when I found the followers. These people had never felt the blissfulness, which I felt during my meditations. These people were far from perfection. And they couldn't feel the clearness of my vibrations.

Many of them simply believed me blindly. I saw such a nostalgia in their eyes on the world, which they didn't remember in their conscious mind, but they believed everything I told them. They were ready to fulfill all my requirements to find the condition of complete blissfulness and quietness once more. I venerated before these people.

I was ready to serve them and I came back for the sake of them. Millions of living creatures have unthinkable feelings of suffering on this planet. They are occluded in their physical bodies, which are like mummies.

These people need my help. I came back to help all living creatures.

And I still make it.

I am inside Tatiana's body, I am inside bodies of many other living creatures on this planet. And I help them inside themselves. It's difficult for you to believe it. It may not coincide with those ideas you received from these or other sources and books.

But many other Wisdom Masters and I are inside yourselves as parts of yourselves, as your Divine I. And we can't leave this planet till the very smallest part of ourselves is concluded in the body of any person, who has to incarnate in this planet and can't free oneself from samsara wheel yet.

That's why we come with our Doctrines again and again and speak on the level available to the auditorium we know will receive the admission to these materials.

No matter how simple we would describe the Truth, you won't understand it. No matter how difficult we would describe the Truth, you won't understand it. But you may perceive the whole Truth at once as the moment of your consciousness enlightenment, as the moment of sudden brightening. All of you are capable of realizing the Truth. And that will happen with each of you. It may not happen with all of you in this life. But you will certainly feel enlightenment. The Truth will come to you not in the form of words and images. It will simply suddenly glimpse in your brain, and it will be like a flash of lightening which will lighten the Earth from edge to edge. And you won't be able to sleep any more. This moment of enlightenment will be like awakening from a long sleep, which lasted millions of years. This moment of awakening can't be mixed with anything. It is the moment when your consciousness will rise to the level of your Divine I. And you will remember who you are and why you came to the Earth.

And you won't be able to sleep any more. You will spend each minute and each second of your being on the Earth to help all living creatures, to tell them about enlightenment you had and to show them the Way which lies inside yourselves, inside your hearts.

You will become awakened, Buddha in incarnation. And it is the next stage of the mankind's development: race consisting of Buddhas.

But first of all there will appear more and people who will have abilities differing them too much from others. These people will find similar people on the whole globe and unite on the ground of common service of the whole life on the Earth. It is the new race of people, Sixth Human Race, which already incarnates and which shows itself among usual people not having overcome a lot of restrictions of their consciousness yet.

When snow is thawing, first appear separate places free of snow. Then there appear more such places. Grass appears, then flowers appear. And in short time the whole land as far as an eye can see changes and fills with new colours and new flings.

Changing of the Earth will happen very fast under the cosmic deadlines. And now we watch separate places free of the perishing them coldness of the dream of the human consciousness, ready to awakening or having already awakened and having blossomed with the first flowers appeared from the snow.

We watch your flowering. Indeed a man with opened consciousness is like an unusual flower if to look at him on the thin plan.

I have come to awake your consciousness from a long sleep. Awake! Look at the sun of your Atman being inside yourself.

I AM Gautama, your brother



Gautama Buddha


want to see my desktop background? Here we go. Find it on the buttom of the message.

Siddharta. Might be, because I have practiced meditations regular in my jounger ages and can share this feeling to be in the higher realms lifted up from alldays plain, just feeling connected to ONENESS.

But needed to come back too. Just some things to do unless leaving the 3D plain......

Much Love and Light



I love even the word Buddha.

Interestingly, there is a Heavenletter coming up (we're about two weeks' ahead in which God refers to The Buddha, as follows:

"If I am everywhere, where is there for Me to move to?

"If you desire calm in the midst of action, then you must be like the Buddha. He sits, and the world revolves. He is a perfect example of being in the world but not of it. His sustenance is not from the world. Rather he sustains the world by the level of his thought. In the midst of calmness, life moves. The Buddha does not run. He does not have to. And as the world revolves, the Buddha laughs. Is it not amusing to know that you are independent of the world? To know that you can get everywhere and accomplish everything within the motionlessness of where you sit? Buddha’s physical sitting is a metaphor for the interior stillness of life. "

Gautama Buddha

Adrachin..The wallpaper Image isnt opening..It says server not found.Can you send it again??

Gloria,The God-Quotes you posted on Buddha are
wonderful.I am eager to read that HL on Buddha.
I am also glad I get to talk with you and all others
Finally here in this New Board.



Dear Shahid,

I too am glad for the new message board. And it's just beginning! I feel honored to be here.

In that upcoming Heavenletter, that is all that was said about Buddha.

Did you know I was in Thailand once for six months? The monks used the word Buddha for a mantra. If I remember, Buddha means enlightenment.

Now I'm reminded to use some color!

With love, Gloria


Dear Shahid,
Thank you for the posting.
As you know I am a follower of the Buddha's teachings.
Be Happy!
South Spain

Gautama Buddha

Herminio,How Wonderful to meet you here in the New Board Buddy.Hope you are fine and keeping well.

Adrachin,I finally saw the Wallpaper.It’s soo soothing and serene..Good choice For a wallpaper pal.I like the way Buddha Calmly sits unmoved while all the Action happens Around him.

Gloria,I didn’t know you had been to Thailand.So,they use the word,Buddha as Mantra there.Ahhh!You know I myself write a Mantra Every Night before sleep and in the Mornings too.I write Highly Evolved Saints Names so that I can elevate mine too.
I also use the Bocarus CD daily which is working very well
for me.(You can find this CD at

May God's Light bring Joy to all Beings all over the Planet!!!


Buddha on Forgiveness -- Herminio

In a couple of Heavenletters that haven't come out yet, God is talking about forgiveness. At the same time, quite a few Heavenreaders have been writing in lately with questions about forgiveness, like these: Do I really have to forgive everything that has been done to me? Does God forgive someone who has committed suicide?

Just the other day an author wrote to me about a book she has compiled, and it's on the subject of forgiveness. I'll tell more about her book under Heavenletters as soon as I can. Her book is about heavy-duty forgiveness, not the ego things we get into.

What does Buddha say about forgiveness? I can imagine, but I don't really know.


Gautama Buddha

Hi to all - this is another poem from Sandeep Chatterjee:
I post it here - it suits to all the "Buddha's" writings here (in my opinion)

and for me this man lives and writes "his" name <San - deep> - he is a very knowm scientist from India:

All things originate from the mind.

When the whole mind is silent,........all appearances end.

Which is the other?

Which is the self?

When there is no sign of differentiation,

not even a single atom can be established.

When not a single thought is born,

a penetration occurs through,

before the womb and after the skin bag;

One point of inconceivable illumination,

whole and undifferentiated.... without corners, edge or traces......

an illumination... that cannot be dimmed.

What cannot be dimmed......

has been referred to as inherent knowledge;

the point of inherent knowledge has been termed

as the fundamental endowment.

When there is an apperception that all things are empty,

there is freedom in all states of mind,.......

........freedom arising,..... in the very apperception of the inferential nature of a notional entity known as the mind.

The primordial beam of light pervades everywhere.......

......and transforms according to the energies and situations.

Everything it meets,............... is the source,

subtly illuminating all things.

Empty, the wind in the pines

and the moon in the water

respond outwardly without getting confused.

Empty living is in clear harmony,

without a wandering mind,

not sticking anywhere.

With a mind like spring bearing flowers,

like a mirror reflecting images;

in the midst of floods of tumult...........

.....the eye of serenity....the only reality.

When the state is thoroughly peaceful cool and serene,

the emptiness of the ages is apperceived.....

......that there is nothing to be troubled by.......

...nothing that can obstruct.

For there is nothing which cognizes trouble as "trouble"....or...

.....obstruction as "obstruction"

Both the good and bad....the sublime and the ugly......

...... ....the abetment and the obstruction.....

.....all seen as nuances of the Dance...... that moment.

Moment to moment to moment

Empty, absolute and radiant;

clear, complete and shining;

it clearly exists for all ages,......never dimmed.

Clean, pure, perfectly clear;

the power of the eye cannot reach its bounds.

Still, silent, empty and vast,

the ken of the mind cannot find its edges.

There is utterly no way to study this matter;

There is utterly no technique..... methodology

to reach the un-dimmable;

The essence lies in the emptying...........and opening.......

.. ....such that the distinction...

... between the space within an empty vase .......

........and the space outside the vase....... no more

Then even the distinction of nowhere and everywhere ceases.

However......wanting to empty.....

.....desiring to open....

...are the very closures.

This awareness cannot be dimmed.....

......this clarity cannot be confused.

The moon follows the flowing waters,

the rain goes with the moving clouds.

Each and every sense and sensation appears immediate

and the distinction between relative and absolute....

......a hilarity.

Therefore it was said..........

....that a sage has no self.......

.....but there is nothing.......

....that is not the sage.

Sandeep Chatterjee