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madness in my method.

Dear God:

How are you?

It's good to feel needed.

I'm glad I found you here and I can talk to you any time I want. I know I can always go within and find you there. You know where I am and can read all my thoughts and lead all my actions. You know my intentions, and I want to be good. I'm not asking for forgiveneness or to be treated special, but what I want most is that my ego not be seperated from the personalities of others around me. I had a plan a long ago and I thought it came from You.

I thought if it did it would have to work out for everybody. Everyone. No exceptions. There is too much strife in this world. I want to work through you to reach out to others with a message of HOPE. Let's together paint a picture of the world with a lot of white, not black. Have a positive experience today, tomorrow and all the days of our lives. Let's go forward knowing that those leaders in Power today (especially President Bush) were put there by you and that they know what they are doing. Lets' support them. Let's work together. All of us. All humanity. All in Harmony. You got me.

madness in my method.

Dear Stefan
I think it's beautiful how you are opening your heart and letting us see your true self.

The fact of Life: I am.

Thanks Paula and God bless.

You know. I wasn't always like this. In fact, I was the exact opposite. But I started young on a path of self exploration and never stopped for 35 years giving it ALL I got. For the past 7,8,9 years I work with no sleep 20 hours a day. It's not a choice. I am driven. I set my goals 22 years ago after college and am keeping at it despite hardship, privation, tortuous agonies, grief, fear, guilt, sorrow, self pity and loss. The obsticals I've overcome were immense. On the scale of Helen Keller, if I do say so myself.


John Riccio
(Stefan John)

The fact of life: you (we) are

Dear Stefan John Riccio,
you are beautiful and doing just great!!
Could you please tell something about your path on the Personal Spiritual Paths section? Or maybe you did already and I missed it?
You were lucky to wake up at such an early age. I was awakened only at the age of 42 when my father died.
God blesses us all with each other, in fact He says: I've given you nothing but angels.

my friend.

You know?

I am so preoccupied with so much stuff that until I can sit, calm down, relax and take it easy for a few hours, I can't compose a decent "Personal" guide to where I have been on the metaphysical plane.

Meanwhile, Paula, I consider you a friend, and I was never one to really have many friends. My whole life, my whole world, until just a couple of months ago; was all in my head. In my mind, all in my mind, that's all.

My story goes on and on.
It will never end.


madness in my method.


the neverending story

from the very beginning

slowing down
breaking up
going on
going on
running some times
sitting some times
evolution always
in what ever direction

laugh is opening the heart
joy and fun are our company
in confidence and trust we live