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Celebration of the Divine within

In the Vedic Calendar, every day is a celebration of the Divine within man. With the dawn of each new day, a different quality of Nature's Intelligence awakens within us.

Each day is influenced by the movements of the planets, stars—the whole galactic universe—and it is the Laws of Nature that give this direction to time*—each day, each hour, each minute, each second.

All of the Laws of Nature are described in the ancient Vedic texts as Devata—impulses of Creative Intelligence—lively in every grain of creation. These values of Creative Intelligence are displayed in our Vedic Calendar as figurative illustrations.

For example, the day in the Vedic Calendar with the quality of Creative Intelligence expressed as Shiva is associated with the quality of infinite silence. The day with the quality of Creative Intelligence expressed by the name Maha Lakshmi is associated with the quality of fullness, affluence—infinite intelligence and creativity that constitutes the nature of the Unified Field, which evolved the life of the entire cosmos.

Every day is a celebration in the Vedic Calendar year. Every day is different from every other day—the rising sun, the setting sun, the moon’s phases, the influence of the planets, and the influence of the near and distant stars.

The values of Creative Intelligence celebrated in the Vedic Calendar are Nature’s Intelligence that characterize the specific qualities of the days, months, and changing seasons. Celebrating these qualities of Nature’s Intelligence means enlivening them in one’s self and one’s environment, and when these values are enlivened, everything in life blossoms in its fullness.

It is a physical phenomenon that attention enlivens the object of attention; therefore attention on the fine impulses of intelligence—celebrating those values—enlivens them and they enrich life.

The Vedic Calendar on this site highlights the most popular celebration days of the Vedic Calendar Year.

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