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I always check Save Login, and it doesn't. I have to start over every time.
I don't know about this message board yet, but in Yahoo I have to re-enter everything every time in order to log-on. Anybody know?
P.S. What does Sticky mean here? Also, I don't understand Poll.


Hi Glorious Gloria!!

It may be that your web browser as the cookie option disable, since automatic login is based most of the time on cookies (I am partial to chocolate chips and Oreo myself :lol: ), or autocomplition for logon is "incorrect and not saving.

Try deleting all cookies and temporary internet files from the option menu of your IE, but be warned that you may find yourself having to re-enter some info on some sites.

Also, you may want to "accept pop-up" for this board by adding in the allowed section of your pop-up blocker.


Dear Serge,

I will follow your instructions, and thank you very much.

Here's another question that has just come up for me. It is with this new message board. It keeps timing out on me.

For instance when I have posted, and I press Back, it tells me I have to enter again. I wish it would just let me stay around!

This may well be something I have to live with!

Many thanks!



the message board uses session management. A technical term which means, the browser remembers, where you are. But only, if you go forward. If you go back, the browser looses his brain and is confused. You should not use the back button at all on sites using session managment.

That's propably why you posted the wedding bells two times. Going back with the browser and hit submit again, hmmm?

So just be patient and wait, until you request is processed. The board will tell you.

Much Love and Light