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HEAVEN #1828 According to Your Heart November 6, 2005

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HEAVEN #1828 According to Your Heart November 6, 2005

God said:

You are on Earth to evolve, yet you are not here for lessons. All the same, you learn, although evolution isn't the same as learning. It's more a growing.

Just as your body grew from babyhood without effort, so does your evolution rise. You are not here on Earth for effort. Strain is not natural.
The rose does not strain to be a rose. Nor need you strain to be God's child, which you happen to be.

Your spiritual evolution is a natural thing. You will evolve with or without techniques. It is not so much that you make choices that hasten your evolution. It is more that you make choices according to your evolution.
Your choices are an indication of where you are. That includes your choices of words, thoughts, deeds.

It is not for you to copy another. Because another favors the color blue doesn't mean you are to choose blue. Choose according to your heart.
Maybe pink is your color of choice. Maybe you don't know, and maybe it changes from day to day. Maybe you like one color for one occasion, and another color for another. Maybe you like red in one room and not another.

Choices are for you to make. Can there be a right or wrong in terms of preference? Is there a standard of preference that must be adhered to, or is preference simply yours?

Aspire but do not copy. Admire all you admire, and then come back home to your heart. It is necessary to find your own way.

Do you learn from observing others? Yes. Is that different from copying others? Yes.

Observe. There are certain things you learn from others. What fork to use is an example. How to drive a car is another. When it comes to paths in life, you have to be the chooser. Everyone on Earth may advise you. You need not ignore advice anymore than you must follow it. You do not ignore that I gave you free will, not to demonstrate a point but so that you know you are blessed with the will to make choices.

You need not follow in someone's footsteps. Nor do you need to dig a new trench. Just be sure your feet are going where you choose. You have to be the mover of your own life, not to emphasize your independence, but to move freely. Do you see the difference?

You do not need to declare your independence. I already declared it for you.

We are talking about comparing or contrasting yourself with others.
Of course, that is a choice as well, yet it is not usually the best use of your life. Because someone else weighs 100 pounds does not mean you must.
Because someone else does is no rea
son for you not to.

Learn but do not copy. Copying is more like pretending that you have learned. Be who you are where you are. If you are in sixth grade, that's fine. If you are in twelfth grade, that's also fine. If you are in kindergarten, that is fine. Where you are is fine.

Individuality is not something you have to erase. It is perfectly fine to be Joe or Mary Ann. You are not here on Earth to convert yourself.
You are here to be who you are which is great love. Love yourself, love whom you seem to be today.

This does not mean you must stay as you are. It means to honor yourself even as you grow. Honor yourself even if it is in passing. True, you are wiser today than yesterday. It's just that yesterday came before today. Bless yesterday, and bless today.

Grow to your height. Of course, you do not yet know your height.

Copyright@ 11-6-05

HEAVEN #1828 According to Your Heart November 6, 2005

with all the colours available in every moment

regards. honour and blessings
to the one who you are as you are
to the one who I am as I am

the joyful children
the joyful child

HEAVEN #1828 According to Your Heart November 6, 2005


Grow to your height. Of course, you do not yet know your height.

Oh, but we do know our height, it is eternity.


Yes, but!!!

Knowing the concept is one thing. Living it is another.

I just received an email from someone who said: How can consciousness grow? And aren't we here to do things rather than evolve?

We're certainly not here NOT to grow!

Anyway, we could discuss eternity forever!

I'm so glad you're here, Indigo Child, sparking all of us.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

HEAVEN #1828 According to Your Heart November 6, 2005

Grow to your height. Of course, you do not yet know your height.

that's nice

HEAVEN #1828 According to Your Heart November 6, 2005

They always told me:
The bigger they are,
the harder they fall.

If they put you up
on a pedestal:
you'll only come crashing
down someday.