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Made in America

This program is not only entertaining, it is informative.
John Ratzenberger (former "Cheers" actor) is the host.
He travels throughout America from State to State bringing to us a close-up of how products are made.
I just watched his trip to San Francisco to a very old sourdough bread bakery. Imagine, the Starter they use is 150 years old!!! Seeing the process from beginning to end was mesmerizing and the aroma of fresh bread came right into my livingroom. (through fond memories, of course) This is one program that the whole family can gather to watch and appreciate. Claudette ^j^

Made in America

Dear Claudette,

I will look for this. I haven't seen it or heard of it actually until you mention it.

That particular show you mention sounds fattening!

I love your posts, Claudette.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria