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chat room

(14:12) connecting
(14:12) logging in
(14:12) isengard.insiderZ.DE- looking up host name
(14:12) isengard.insiderZ.DE- found your host name
(14;12) Error: closing link [c-##-##-###-###.] (Password mismatch)
(14:12) disconnecting from
(14:12) not on channel
(14:12) not on channel

(Andrachin: The #'s above represent a set of nmbrs)

chat room


please go to:

and log in. Just choose any username. Leaf the password field blank. And then tell me, what you get.


Much Love and Light


chat room

thanks Andrachin...I tried the url
. the chat board comes up (after the java graphics do their thing) then the
error message comes up again... yet this time in German.

Fehler! Closing link [same numbers as] (Password mismatch)
Verbinung getrennt zu

chat room


seems you have have an issue with either your browser or your firewall. I need some details, how you connect to the internet to get an idea, where to start searching.

The more specific, the more ideas I will get..... :)

Ideas for you:

- what browser do you use
- what operating system do you use
- how do you connect to the internet? Modem, broadband, over a router
- Do you have a firewall installed?
- Zone alarm may be?

If there is an issue, there is a solution
- Adrachin

chat room

Hmmm? OK...

Broadband- cable modem
Zone Alarm: YES..
Windows XP
Internet Explorer

the firewall...hmmm? let me disable Zone Alarm and I'll try again.

Well that didn't work... I get the same responses...when I click on 'Chat Room' here at the top of this page AND when I try through the URL you provided in an earlier posting.

YET... When I go into ZoneAlarm... the program is confusing to me... Maybe I didn't disable the firewall properly.

It is no huge importance that I get on to chat real soon... I don't want you to waste a bunch of time on this instead of doing more important things... like packing for your honeymoon :wink: Yet I would like to know what the problem is eventually.

Thanks for your time!!!