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#1824 Beyond

God said Beloveds
You are not separate souls
So there is one Soul

God said you move in
Oneness and infinity
What else can there be

God said infinite
Means no beginning no end
Infinity is

God said all there is
There is love and there is joy
There is nothing else

God said consider
You are spaceless and timeless
There is no two-ness

God said your heart stays
Your heart is One with Mine and
Mine is One with yours

God said you are love
There is no more and no less
My Beloved Self

Love, Light and Aloha,


Dear Karen and Dear ManwithoutFear,

I just have to say once again how wonderful the Heaven Haikus are, and how wonderful you are, ManwithoutFear, for so conscientiously posting them.

Please know how much you are both appreciated.

God bless you over and over again,

With love, Gloria