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HEAVEN #1821 Your Life October 30, 2005

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HEAVEN #1821 Your Life October 30, 2005

God said:

Today you are graduating to a new level of existence. Graduating is a term to express what has already happened. You are graduated. Today We acknowledge it.

You know you are not the same person you were last year or last month. Know now that you graduate every day. Every day you step higher. Regardless of how it may seem to you, every day you are at a new height.

It is like reading a page of a book. You read it, and now you turn the page. Each day of your life is a page turned. We end the comparison there, because in life, unlike in a book, you are not to return to a former page, not even the last one. You are simply to be on a new page. You are on a new page.

Swiftly the pages unfold, and a whole life is written. Your life is written. And your life is fascinating, and it certainly has you fascinated. It is one of the most interesting things you know. Life has a way about it, and there is always more. How many people and how many days, and each day is new for all. Today is a new page in your book.

You are not intended to be a collector of your life. You are not meant to take notes on it, to cross-reference or underline. You are simply meant to live it unfettered from the page before.

Consider your life more like a loose-leaf binder. Every day the page written on floats away. Only blank pages appear. Swiftly pages fill up, and swiftly they float away.

It is not meant for you to put stones on your pages to keep them from being blown away. You are to let the pages go. They had their day. Now it’s a new day’s turn.

Or life is like a water wheel that keeps revolving. The water wheel keeps turning and never minds where it splashed last. It is splashing now. And you are alive now, and this is life you are living.

Life is lived. It is not thought. It is not remembered. It is not foretold. It is lived. Be awake to today. Do that every day.

If you are on a boat on the Mississippi River, you may dock your boat every night, but, In the morning, you start off again. You do not calculate what water is under your boat. You merely sail on it. When you come to a bend, you cross it. The shore is your guideline. And so it is you ride on life as if it were a river. And so you paddle with your oars.

Life cannot be held. It is not to be frozen over. It is not meant to stand still. It is meant to keep going.

It is parceled out in days, and yet it never ceases. Sleep is a seeming stop-over. As you rest, life keeps setting out anew. Life acknowledges you, but it doesn’t stop for you. Rather, it pulls you with it.

You can’t catch life, and yet it has you in its thrall. Life carries you along. You are not the institutor of it, rather you engage in it. You are a marathon swimmer in life. You cross the English Channel. You cross the whole universe and jump from star to star and moon to moon. Life does not stay still for you. Life takes you with it.

And so you graduate each day. Each day is just a temporary marker. Your life is one continuum, and it is mighty. You are soaring.

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HEAVEN #1821 Your Life October 30, 2005

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